7 Modding Mistakes Beginner Riders Make

7 Modding Mistakes Beginner Riders Make

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Jason Hayes says:

Bar end mirrors get you a better view behind you. You don't have your shoulder blocking the view.

progste says:

1) spend 1k on a full exhaust while keeping the crappy stock suspensions.

R1_Rebe1 says:

There’s 5 minutes I won’t get back 😒

A1 Gate Motor & Garage Services says:

You a dumbass!


The background music tho

Njkisn says:

Im gonna change my exhaust .. for the Sound .. but not to get louder xD dont want to have that awfull loud peace of beauty is way more beautiful if its quiet. (Applies to women as well)

Matt Collins says:

Straight pipe it down from the headers and rev it out at 3 a.m. bro I'm in tears

xavier buncan says:

Agree! The only modification I would do is the decals/paint. Otherwise, if it aint broken, dont fix it!

James and Kendra Holmes says:

Dude I'm 6'5 280lbs……I took the mirrors off my bike because I couldn't see around my elbow

Janes Fussell says:

Straight pipe it and rev it at 3 am bruh 😂😂

TheSchneitzel says:

I usually don't comment on stuff like this but I absolutely HAD to swap the mirrors on my 2017 Aprilia Tuono as the only thing I was able to see were my shoulders (no matter how I adjusted them). Otherwise I would have left them on and there is 0 chance that I will buy an aftermarket exhaust for it.

You left out one important thing though: Shorty levers. Useless, look like crap

Forza Fox says:

If you buy a 300 or 250 dont get a after market exhaust but a 500 or bigger go for it. (Just what i think)

Martin Hibbert says:

Photochromic visor is the way to go… Tinted in sunlight and clear at night.
Or get a decent helmet with a built in sun shield that you can pop up or down when needed

dylan brindley says:

Bro just thinking about stripping the exhaust to the header and reving it at 3 a. M. Has me dying idk why 😂😂

MusicForLife says:

Turboqueer 300 got me lmfao

Red Reddington says:

Chicken choke sounds gay as does "turboqueer"

Red Reddington says:

Who buys used mc tires ?

Kaiwalya Labade says:

he said back to be happy instead xD

mikeyb byekim says:

Dude my cbr1000rr is bought and paid for used and I love the bike. BUT it came with the exhaust and power commander, n a few other things. Dec have the mirrors tho. All that stated, I seriously don't think going backwards will do me any good.

mikeyb byekim says:

3:10 I am constantly viewing my mirros, both of them

mikeyb byekim says:

Rubber can take your life..

Lone Wolf and Cub says:

What's the bike at 1:17?

Bryant Winchell says:

But yammie what about just a cheap slip on. It looks a lot better than most stalk exhausts anyway

chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes says:

I need new grips. Because the old ones are rotting off

Toshi Toshi says:

M a new bie and I need some help. do suggest me . I want to put an exhaust of Daytona on my Yamaha R15 v3 150cc bike. Would it be good?

james rystrom says:

Straight pipe it and rev it at 3am lol I love this

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