7 VERY Illegal Motorcycle Mods

7 VERY Illegal Motorcycle Mods

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Yammie Noob says:

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Shawn James Hayes says:

LEDs/Neons are legal here in Texas

Stan Pickkers says:

Boring unrelated video content….

Klaas Brems says:

You might want to revise that part, Pappa Yam 🤣🤣

ramadlan badar Mahangkoso says:

I love riding bike , since 13 yo . Someday ill buy my dream bike , r6 haha

Srgkill1134 Srgkill1134 says:

So if I bought a piped 250 dual sport if I get in trouble isn't that the dealer fault?

Pete Woodley says:

Why use a hundred words when only a couple will do? My ears started hurting, had to kill the vid…

Eric James says:

No inspection in my state. Didn't do it for safety, I just wanted to rev bomb cagers when they try to kill me.

Jason Finallyfree says:

Ok Yammie, keep enjoying your oppression in California

grassblade63 says:

Who in the f**k would wanna ride without mirrors? That's just asking to get killed.

cyberhawk80 says:

really cat.. good for the LAW.. if you want to tackle the environment.. go to china.. and take greta with you.

Iccus Diccus says:

The Canadian version of this video would just say….It may be illegal, but noone cares. Inspection of your bike here is once only when you first register your bike. Bought my bike used, already had straight pipe exhaust and jetted carbs, pare valve removed, exhaust box removed, front marker lights only work on blinker. Passed inspectiln and never looked back. Cops here dont even look at us.

Richard Lyder says:

Loud pipes do save life

exforbrian1 says:

Watching a guy riding rather then showing the actual things that are talked about makes you lazy!

Melton Daniels says:

Riding over 40 years , the first I’d do in any sport bike is shit can the cat , sorry don’t feel or see the need . Put converters on factory smoke stacks instead. Not a big fan of the epa way too much bs

Dr24rae says:

I seen some Tron lights I wanted to put on my helmet is it legal???

Jim Braun says:

What I see here I would give 20 bucks for them all . They all look like can openers that got kicked in the ass . My 05 Yamaha V-STAR 1100 needs a come back badly . All the new shit is ugly .

Christopher Young says:

inspection? What states require inspection?

Jay Scraggs says:

Texas is 4 blinkers or none, can't have just 2

Squidbillies1000 says:

I am 57 years old, therefore I am an old man. However, I enjoy your Channel. Back in 1986 when I was stationed in Germany I used to hit the Autobahn on a Ninja 1000. Those were the days. I was a badass back in the day. I would give anything to make the Karlsruhe to Kaiserslautern run at Full Throttle.

Hayabusa No Limits says:

I never wanted to remove my mirrors. For different reasons, I want be able to know asap what is going on behind me.

EagerRain 66 says:

Welp I’m being watched I came out of full screen and I had an ad from the government

Ian Allso says:

Regarding helmet modifications, does that mean that the peak on an ADV helmet is illegal as it sticks out more than the mentioned distance.
In Australia a lawyer has found a potential loophole regarding the fitting of cameras to helmets, apparently the law dictates no modifications to the helmet, but so long as you do not drill or permanently damage the helmet, it is only an addition not a modification, might be worth checking the specific wording of your local laws.

SrWardo93 says:

I should change my helmet since it has 4 cars antennas 😳

YellowShiba says:

Oh damn LED strips are banned in US? Here in PH our motorcycles be looking like christmas trees

Gregory Kitchens says:

Yeah spikes on a bike is just about the smartest mod anyone can do to their bike. It’s so when you low side it and slide into the bike it will impale you so you can hold on to the bike. Also very efficient at making your bike so sideways cartwheels with style.

BARF Gameplay says:

I'll decide what i do with my own bunghole, thank you very much..!

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