Best Adventure Motorcycle Mods at

Best Adventure Motorcycle Mods at

Best Adventure Motorcycle Modifications

Adventure rarely resides along well-worn and oft treaded trajectories. It’s gritty. It’s grimy. And it’s worth it. While stock Adventure motorcycles offer a great foundation for riders looking to take that path less traveled, there are a litany of modifications that ardent adventurers will want to consider in order to really make the most of the ride. In this list of the best Adventure motorcycle mods, Spurgeon runs through the luggage, tires, and bike protection that will get your ADV motorcycle equipped for the tarmac (or trail!) ahead.

Parts Featured In This Video:

AltRider Crash Bars – 3:26

AltRider Skid Plate – 4:28

R&G Racing Radiator Guard – 5:14

Barkbusters Storm Handguard Kit – 6:08

Kriega Overlander-S OS Drybags – 8:44

Enduristan Monsoon 3 Panniers – 9:14

AltRider Luggage Rack – 9:50

Giant Loop Rogue Dry Bags – 10:25

ROK Straps – 10:43

AltRider DuelControl Brake System – 13:29

Continental Twinduro TKC80 Tires – 15:09



payam fz says:

Nice video… more of adv please

attracta foley says:

holy crap how tall are you, the bike looks tiny beside ya!!

Richard Martinez says:

I can't seem to find the others to this series

Nitza says:

Anyone can guide me what pants and boots are weared from 7:20 and on?

Robert L says:

Spoked wheels should be on top picks as well, if you plan to go offroad

Cody Slab says:

No brake upgrades? okay…

Kartikeya Luther says:

Yes. its pretty nice to have air in your braking system. This can occure if you tilt your handlebar like this… a friend of mine almost died as he then went back on curvy roads, suddenly the front brake just closed in a corner as the air inside expanded instantaniously…. This is not the best tip.

Jerry Williams says:

This video is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for posting.

B_and_Roo says:

I would rather a KLR anyday!!

R Mcdud says:

Cool video but more then half the gear you guys showed off is not built to fit my bike. 👎

Wicked Coolname says:

I've tried a few different hard and soft paniers, but I always go back to nothing but a knapsack and a small tank bag.

RexDexPL says:

Best mod for making more offroad capable adv bike is NOT to buy BMW 1200GS.

steve c says:

Thanks for the info. Just ordered the back rack dry bag and used revzilla cash which came out to 40.00 bucks with free shopping!

Rodrigo AJ says:

Love your min 7 moment with the helmet/sunglasses/coffee XD Thanks for the video!!

Jakub Pipek says:

Oh – those chicken stripes

RoadRunner says:

2:50 you’re welcome

UhYeahWhateverDude says:

After he bought this bike and added all that gear, they renamed him ‘Splurgen’.


It’s about last on my list do not like the boxer engine.

31acruz says:

Dude… that is not the Adventure GS, its the regular GS, the GSA is the Adventure bike you keep referring to. GSA ! which is 40 heavier by the way.

Nicolas Solberg says:

Best 50/50 tires for my Tiger 800xc that I ’ve used are Motoz Tractionator GPS’. Longevity of heidenau k60 but better performance than Mitas E-07.

Vladimir Brozik says:

Not really. When I think of ADV I think of Africa Twin.

czaszi says:

@RevZilla, where is the follow-up video?

Kent Scherm says:

Starbucks. Lol.

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