Cheap Mini Bike Mods! Pt. 1

Cheap Mini Bike Mods! Pt. 1

Here’s a video of some inexpensive mods we do to a $300 mini bike from Sears. It was extremely slow, so we felt the need to fix that by making a header, modifying the intake, and boring out the carburetor jet.

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DoughRB says:

They said it would go 15mph, keep in mind, there grown men.

TruDruChocoMilk says:

I got my friends one to go 21.5 and we put a can on the exhaust and it sounded MEAN

Donovan Bryant says:

i like the old Cadllac in the background

Esteban Pedroza says:

keeps sayin nos as one word…

jerson arzu says:

Wow all that for nothing

Frank RangerFrank says:

Don’t you just love John’s informative voice on this one? Lol!

Silvia Lizarraga says:

Hello you can not sell me one

motorguy zoe says:

New mini bike mixtape song

KxNick says:

I want to buy one of those headers. I’m serious, DM me on instagram 516_nick_.

Patrick Fojas says:

Why do these dudes look like they will rice out a car but still make it a 10sec

Matt dubbz 650 says:

Is there a header I could purchase that you know of

bodi says:

Mine, stock, goes 25-30mph, just with the 'throttle stopping screw' removed

Movie Cars says:

Rip Paul walker

brickwal92tt says:

I bought a used Doodle Bug for our kids for $100 in pretty good shape. I have a greasy thumb but can't figure out why the throttle is finicky? It decides when it want s to go WOT or just part way on it's own. Any thoughts as to what it may be? Carb checks out fine. I might buy new gaskets or make my own. That's the only thing I can think of. Maybe air's getting in where it shouldn't? I think I'll do the jet and governor mods when it cools down here in Florida. I love watching your videos! You all would be fun to hang out in the garage and tinker with.

brickwal92tt says:

What size bit did you use to bore the jet?

Logan Hawkins TV says:

Rip paul walker

Max Davies says:

U are the best guys on here

karts and cars says:

your youtube channel is called cars and cameras. Have not seen any camera reviews yet. Very disappointed.

mangreat71 says:

i want to get a trailer for this i wonder if any 1 can help me out.I want to move wooden pallets with this mini bike but i want to know the names of the best trailer that i can get for this mini bike ? What i was using was a dolly i got from Wal Mart with 4 wheels but the dolly hit's the back wheel.i want to know how to attach a hitch so i don't hit the back wheel ?

Shane Kelly says:

I live in Massachusetts, I hate it too😂

Stanley Simmons says:

damn that dude on the right is short asf

albion Ti says:

i have a question i have the same bike 80cc and my question is does it fit PREDATOR ENGINE 13 HP (420cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA?

Model RC says:

._. I live in Massachusetts

Tony Topic says:

I GOT A BAJA mini bike for $300

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