DIY Home Made Motorcycle Plate Mount – CBR 600

DIY Home Made Motorcycle Plate Mount – CBR 600

Here is me making my custom CBR license plate mount. I love working with metal and stuff so I wanted to share 😀



Ivan Lopez says:

sparks into the outlet.. yeahh. that's more exiting than actually riding that bike..


diy with dan

Scott Watson says:

When you watch the video comparing your f4i to his and realize Dan is all grown up now

Harold B says:

I know this is an old video, but would this hit the ground when you lean it over?

Jacob Bradley says:

He is telling people to wear a face shield for grinding, but notice at 5:48 he's aiming the sparks toward the outlet. Emphasis on the dickhead part of the dickhead garage.

DROPZ Productions says:

Where are you working to get so much money?

Ilhan Muhammad Azlan says:

is billy your boyfriend

STiCKxaH says:

you kinda look like xKodeh

Fred Horton says:

Dude you're from SC! WTF lol

HGAviator says:

I not familiar with the laws in Georgia, or in other states, but I do know that in California, license plates need to be illuminated. I think that location looks like crap! Why not just locate the license plate bracket under the seat assembly near your break light? drill a couple holes if none already exist and attach it there. While your at it, add a light to illuminate the license plate. It'll be much cleaner looking and most likely not attract the attention of cops. Just a thought.

bstlybengali says:

this is some serious shit good job on that! i wish i had them skillz

Combat Medic says:

Dan your such a fuckin tool. Do it with your hand. great vid cheech.

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