Free HP for YOUR Motorized Bike! Best Mods

Free HP for YOUR Motorized Bike! Best Mods


Bike Rice says:

Anybody not hating on my old video, Hey everyone please go help me out by supporting me on patreon at

DUSTIN Dearmon says:

Pretty impressive for a kid in my opinion, y'all need to quit hating. Good job dude you will probably be a jam up tech one day.

Oregon Motorcycle says:

Props kid. Keep at it!

Ronald Jerrimmy says:

Hay I got the same pwk21mm and it works great on my 66cc

Charles Morris says:

A young man once hollered at my daddy… Old man I've been doing this all my! My dad asked, how old are you son? He replied 18! He was laughed to scorn!

bripolar says:

Learn, then learn some more, then learn more, then some more, and some more and then make a video

Bruce Pietri says:

I see u had a Florida tag on the bike. Why and how did you accomplish that

Gorilla Cookies says:

Those holes in that piston does a couple things. The first being its lighter . The second being increased intake charge & lubrication but without a reed for timing the intake charge they dont work . Reedless 2 stroke engines dont use ported pistons This kid is incorrect about a bunch of his comments but he will learn just like the rest of us

Brian Gagne says:

Why all negative comments? Kids trying different things. Engines are cheap. He is figuring how stuff works/ and what doesnt. I give him props!!! 90% of the fun of a 2 stroke is modifying them and see what happens. A+++

Darrin Fry says:

Can you bore these motors .80 cc …

MSTZ Mike B & Stevie c says:

I like what you're saying already did the same thing but put it on a 29 inch bike you ought to try 29in I'm telling everybody don't knock it till you try at the top end amazing

Danny Outlaw says:

We learned that you have no idea about what your talking about… have a lot of facts but not in the right places at all….

Jas says:

Actually those windows are there for a purpose, it lightens the engines reciprocating mass effectively making it be able to rev higher and quicker but to be honest in a stock motorized bike it’s not gonna do much

tim p says:

this is a joke right??? making pistons in his garage …. this is wacky AF

Diesel Ramcharger says:

so many stupid ill informed ass hats commenting. is obvious we have a bunch o 2 stroke stuffing white knights here. too bad they don't realize 2ss is a complete and total bulllshit artist.

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