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Mudhugger rear mudguard – https://amzn.to/2EeSolt
Mudhugger front mudguard – https://amzn.to/2IrrJEf
Handlebar Mirror – https://amzn.to/2GvBnJT
Pedals – https://amzn.to/2JfF8k0
My Full Face Helmet – https://amzn.to/2uLPTHT
My Goggles – https://amzn.to/2Gv7ER5
My Gloves – https://amzn.to/2H5NlH4
E Marked Tail light system – https://amzn.to/2q2bUMR

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Andy K (BMDUBS) – Then



AndroidGuyPro says:

where do you buy this budgarts?

Kadeen Oldacre says:

what size wheel do you have in the back

Dave Smith says:


Arnoldas Sarnauskas says:

These are not bikes, but motorcycles, get license, proper number plates, and insurance. You make everybody hate bikes.

T's Gaming Channel says:

Hi Andy,
I have a carrera Vulcan and I was wondering if you would know how to take the limiter off as the motor cuts out at 15.5 mike per hour, would like it to help more up to 20mph, I hate the law in England

Boxing Physique says:


Tdog 187[FTR] says:

andy mudhugger don't ship to the US

Yamaguchi Hiroki says:

in singapore faster ebike is 145km p/hour some of the ebike can go to 180km p/hour but is illegal ..

STEVEN Oldham says:

Can you tell me were you got your kick stand

C’est Moi says:

Love it! How much did u spend to make that awesome machine

Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says:

3:14 May never pass a test you are going for because it may splash dirt + mud to drivers behind

john creed says:

Sup Andy, did something similar with the drone a while back


Also if you find your back is getting hosed with mud after trying that rear mudguard out, look at the mud guards that come with the vector typhoon, they look a bit vintage, but they are amazing!! I don't get any mud or water on the frame at all!! Not one drop!

dev{code} says:

Where did you get your motor plate kirby??

Gary Cheese Cheese says:

Hi Andy, I have one more question for you mate, I've connected up my Domino throttle but if i try to accelerate really hard the throttle symbol on the display turns orange and cuts the power? If i accelerate nice and smooth it seems ok? I bought the 5000w 72v hub motor as a kit to include Chinese controller and colour tft display? Should i solder in some resistors, do you think that would sort it? Do i have to alter settings on the display? Any help greatly appreciated?

joshua ramdial says:

day and night ebike

Nick Walters says:

Can you buy 36v switches

Don Mega says:

the light is pointing too low. won't be of any help seeing potholes etc. with those speeds. the brightness nearby actually blinds you from seeing the road properly ahead. even better would be having 2 lights. one pointed close and another farther.

apsert says:

Same applies to your Mortgage ….. (all from same site)

apsert says:

Andy before you go trying "register'" anything i strongly urge you to take a look at some very powerful info. It is UK based and just scratching the surface as you will see. >>http://www.expertinalllegalmatters.com/hmrc-fraud You also may wish to see how much your birth certificate has been securitised which can be found from this same site under "fedility"

Devon Investigators of the Paranormal says:

Hi been watching your videos on the bike have you made it road legal now? Regards Darren.

Torrell Rivera says:

How much does that bike cost?

Black Light says:

Nice Oakland A's hat!

AxiomAssets says:

did he mention the motor size? 5kw?

sirleide ferreira says:

Você vende

v1nce n7 says:

I had the same issue with my frontguard. I cut part of it so that it can be attached on top of the fork horizontal bar thing instead of under it.
For securing the bike without keys, have you considered RFIDs? I might experiment with an rfid card with velcro and a receiver inside the battery pack. Sticking the card on the battery pack could start the bike, and removing it could start the alarm 😀

Mr. Magnifico says:

sounds like Jason Statham

SuperJaveline says:

Police Man – "can you show me your electric power plate please"

Andy – " it's here, look"

Police man – "Oh, only 250w, thank you sir that will do nicely…."

Mmm…..even the thickest Bobbie in Essex is not going to be taken in by that 😉

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