KLR 650 | DIY Motorcycle Headlights | Kawasaki

KLR 650 | DIY Motorcycle Headlights | Kawasaki

Hi all, this is a little different. I made this video for all the motorcycle enthusisastz out there. I picked up these circular LED fod lights and realized they would be perfect on my motorcycle. So I replaced the stock lights with them. Any motorcycle can use these lights. This video briefly shows my design and build process. Hope you enjoy

Lights : http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-Car-Angel-Eye-COB-Blue-Halo-Ring-LED-DRL-Projector-Lens-Fog-Driving-Light-SUV-/252617973235?hash=item3ad1345df3:g:6poAAOSwx2dYGpQj&vxp=mtr

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Bobby Dolan says:

Video quality is amazing and very thorough/informative. Greatly appreciated. I was looking at those blinkers and they look great, would you be open to doing a video on the relay and wiring, like where does that go or open to questions about that.
– thanks

Todd says:

what method did you use to paint your gas tank?  did you sand it down completely first?

Mark Walls says:

What brand of turn signal are you using on your KLR?

b888 says:

Really very very bad idea. Next time do some proper research before doing things like this. It's a waste unless your sole intention was just to make it look cool without any useful light at all!

Jeff C says:

A brother klrista! You in SoCal by chance?

abdul mubasyir says:

Nice~ simple… awesome

Terry Clair says:

Very nice job!

Geoatv Campatv says:

How's the light output compared to the stock light?

Alexandre Maltais says:

Also my 2 passions, drone and motorcycle. Let's fly-de!

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