motorcycle mods 2

motorcycle mods 2

Just showing all the things I’ve done to my new motorcycle so far.



J Boy says:

The XB9 was the best designed motorcycle ever. I love the frame as the gas tank thing. Too bad it was too early for its time.

tigerstriped22 says:

What kind of bike is that?

Jeffory Owens says:

Where can you get a tank cover like that for a Buell Blast? I can't find one anywhere.

Tim Huber says:

Hey, I just bought a buell blast and can't find anywhere online that carries aftermarket parts for look/comforts sake (fairings, new gauges, new headlights, grill covers), if you could tell me where you're getting your parts that'd be awesome

hzuiel says:

Hawk performance exhaust mod, you mail them your pipe and he cuts it open, removes some stuff, adds some stuff, and welds it back together with two exhaust tips at the back. Normally he paints them flat black like the rest of the muffler, but I requested polished and clear coated.

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