Motorcycle mods.

Motorcycle mods.

I made a couple mods on my bike, plus some talking.



GTs Garage says:

Nice modifications, the after market indictor stems look a lot better than factory.

Nunya Bizzness says:

Check our mr fireman 124 awesome

huck01955 says:

Always nice to make things your way 

Eric Polston says:

Hey man. FINS UP 👍 👍

tertessa says:

Looks like your getting the bike the way you want…Awesome..

chevahaulic says:

the bike looks cool Steve ! 

TheFrameoff says:

Good to see ya , be nice to have your bike tailored to how you ride 

Procrastinatorgarage says:

Sweet making it your own.

geargriden19 says:

Cool on the mods. Cool on the student, great teaching. Cool that your dad and student or now buddy is helping you with the HD. Going to like the hog ride or miss your sports bike ? Looking forward to seeing more truck vids and updates, have a good'n

Rodder Files says:

Congrats on your students upgrade nice

Cary Lamari says:

Looking good. hey there is a Government auction sometimes they have harleys. Not sure how close you are to some of the auctions but maybe you might be able to get parts on the cheap here is the url:

cutworm59 says:

Very tastfull changes my bro. Kick-arse!

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