Motorcycle Windscreen Mods

Motorcycle Windscreen Mods

These guys really are the only place to go to when wanting to upgrade from stock:



Godwin Lee says:

HAHAHA you drove right into the shop?!?! wth!! That's so ghetto.

JT 40STI Johnny IPSC says:

I like your video, would like to see to see other places and bike shops…

mogyver69 says:

I really enjoyed your video. All the scooters riding around and your culture. It was neat to see how other countrys live.  I live in United states, Idaho

iGeckoGaming says:


You answered your own question bro, a WIND SHIELD shields you from the wind. How stupid are you?

MrJay500 says:

that shop is so cool with a lift in it to take you to diffrent floors

Kenneth Jang says:

That puppy is a SHIBA INU. The color is RED/White. They almost look like a miniature akita in some ways.

what bro? says:

your son usually speak english or whatever language taiwan speaks?


Whats the point of a windsheld on a motorcycle????

Judson L says:

ok.. i'm pretty sure that at 2:57 the girl in the pink on the left side of the screen is riding her scooter wearing oven mitts… yes, oven mitts.. i guess it must get pretty hot there..

Justin Farrington says:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle training ground?

Joseph Makins says:

'Never heard of an car accident when there shoe shot out the window' hahahahahah!

The Grover says:

we need motorcycle shops like that in the UK, would certainly be more fun than parking outside like a chump

C Bass says:

LOLOLOLOL I cant stop lol thanks

TinkT1nk says:


EhTC says:

You just ride in the shop? like with people shopping on foot and all. Wow I need to visit the other places of the world!

SyprusGaming says:

Whenever you check out girls you scare me bro.. Your head just pulls towards them not knowing whats infront of you :P.. Ofcourse u know whats going on around you better then we.

mackiwawa says:

3:00 lol, listhen to the word bbbbbrrrand 🙂

TopGearAmerica says:

Windscreen is on sport bikes because its more likely to just be for air deflection and looking through when in the tuck… Windshields are on cruisers where may actually protect you from road debris

tjohalloran1994 says:

lol. you still say it better than that kid. lmao

Afshin Anthony says:

ewww…dude… not in your helmet…

KayNineLP says:

Omfg I was is on eBay in another tab ready to search for exhausts and at the end of the video I switched and searched "turtles" -_-

PRcongaPLYR says:

Someone very important died on a scooter at this spot 1:43 and they painted the chalk line. RIP Scooter Dude.

lestatsev says:

That is so awesome. i would love to just drive right into my bike shop like that lol.

DaProGaMeR1 says:

@Tenrou2 witch one was that called?

Otto V says:

You are supposed to lay down more in high speeds to avoid the wind… just saying

show9o says:

LOL, i saw malaysian car in taiwan … Proton gen2

Samo B says:

wtf you just ride your bike into the shop

james willis says:

@ThePolishshooter thinking exacly the same thing WTF

gazza gaz says:


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