The BEST Motorcycle Performance Mod

The BEST Motorcycle Performance Mod

Want to win YETI cup powdercoated like the R3?! Enter here:
This is the single most cost efficient mod you can do to your motorcycle to increase its performance. And on top of that, it allows you to change a lot of other things about how your bike runs: engine braking, turning off emission checks, changing redline limits or when fans come on, and much more. Yep, we’re talking about the ECU flash. set me up with their ECU flash for the R3 and we put it to the test to see how it does.

R3 ECU Flash –
M4 Exhaust –
Slipper Clutch –

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Austin&Vicky Moore says:

Sweet man! This is the shit! I want an R3 as my first bike so bad! I get one in a year!

renjay lusung says:

What motorcycle is that sir

ruel Palma says:

Hey men can u pls send me the exact link were you get you throttle assembly because i have a 2017 r3 and try to change the throttle control pls help me out men thanks

Jermaine Jansen says:

Not taking away from what you've done , but it boggles my mind how so many guys will fit a flashed ecu and go hammer the bike… you have literally no idea what the AFR is, and you could be riding a grenade. At least get it on a dyno.

Matt Jones says:

The best mod isn't on the motorcycle.. It's yourself by wether it's having training ie track tuition or bettering your on road riding skills. Experience though is free and priceless.

John LeBaron says:

Nice. I put the Power Commander on my 2017 KTM 390 RC. Itโ€™s a different bike now! Had good power B4. Much better now. Love it

Tony Semana says:

what does it mean that the speedometer is not gps calibrated? is that a result of the mods?

Yourboinick Bryant says:

Your build are better than jaret

stabulous Koda says:

could make more cups then auction them off maybe or something..?

Michael Hafke says:

Bro, I love your videos but please be careful! Just remember, you have a beautiful family that counts on you.

SithLord 69 says:

Can I tell something, Youโ€™re Motonosity symbol is very unique and cool

Jacob Evans says:

Is an ecu flash worth it on a 125cc bike?

Melvin Nathan says:

maybe drop 1 tooth in the rear sprocket set up?

Unconventional MUSICIANS says:

Tell me how much power the bikes make? ๐Ÿ˜‚ please

blake weenink says:

love the build but my 1987 cbr250r can hit 180kph or 110mph and my bike is stock ???

izz_bizz says:

omg yes please

Colby Boyer says:

Great idea…

Sebastian Peters says:

I had an R3 and had a full akrapovic exhaust system on it. Last september i traded it in for a daytona 675R, and I wish I had both bikes. I miss being able to just slam through the gears without breaking the law. It was fast and was a load of fun with the akrapovic system.

Bryan Masson says:

Next build please do a cafe racer build motonosity!!! It would be really fun and cheap! Like so he can see it

Fx says:

Speedometer not gps calibrated
Pre ECU(started in 1st)
20-40 1.9s
40-60 2.3s
60-80 3.9s
80-95 8.9s
20-95 total 17.0s
(started in 2nd)
15-35 2.1s
35-55 1.8s
55-75 2.8s
15-75 total 7.7s
(started in 3rd)
40-60 2.6s
60-80 3.4s
80-100 7.0s
40-100 total 13.0s
Post ECU (Started in 1st,a lot windier)
20-40 2.0s
40-60 2.1s
60-80 3.6s
80-95 7.7s
20-95 total 15.5s
(started in 2nd)
Failed due to traffic
(started in 3rd, stock run had more downhill)
40-60 2.5s
60-80 3.4s
80-100 7.6s
40-100 total 13.5s

Zef Lorenz says:

That is fosho the sickest 300 EVER built! so bummed i missed out on the drawing. Great work Brent! i wasnt sure if this would ever come to life but you did it. Congrats!

Zed Vallez says:

you just made my dream bike a lot better and much more cooler, too bad can't afford to buy one nor I can join the build series.. (sighs) feels bad man.

Nicholas Squitieri says:

Who did your R6 Ecu flash?

jcpiolo25 says:

Any tips on where I can get my Cb500f's ECU flashed?

thefly1ngdutchm4n says:

I did a test ride on a 2018 ninja 400 absolutely loved it. Plenty of power to get you around easily, nice and light, flickable i rode a lot of bikes but i got some newfound respect for the r3's and the ninja 400's. actually looking to buy one now.

Ramen On Wheels says:

Clear skies and long open roads. What a beautiful day to ride. ๐Ÿ˜

90_s13 says:

why would you want to get rid of the o2?

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