Top 5 Motorcycle Mods to Go Faster

Top 5 Motorcycle Mods to Go Faster

Hit the pavement with RyanF9’s favourite sport bike mods.

0:11 – Vortex Front Sprocket:

2:17 – Dynojet Power Commander V:

3:44 – Dynojet Jet Kit:

4:49 – Lighter Wheels:

5:39 – Galfer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line:

6:04 – EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads:

6:32 – Metzeler Racetec RR Rear Tire:

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Ryan Wayne says:

I'm confused: if you ride a fuel injected bike with an (I ride a 17 CRF250L) o2 sensor, does it not automatically adjust air fuel even if you do your exhaust & intake? It makes sense to have to adjust fuel on a carbureted bike.

Akhilesh Shivade says:

Hey do i have to upgrade fuelling on my fuel injected bike if i am planning to put a stock replacement k&n filter + slip on exhaust?

gg prada says:

And what if i go down 1 in the front and 3 in the rear?

tronet paragele says:

you look like joffrey from game of thrones

Allan Byrne says:

Wrong again son, the pick up for the speedo is usually measuring the speed of the front wheel. So changing the sprockets will make no difference.

You guys think you know better that the manufacturers, who have spent $millions developing their product and most aftermarket parts are "all bullshit talk".

If you want a faster bike, buy a faster bike and save yourself a fortune…and a lot of trouble.

Allan Byrne says:

That isn't the reason fitting a smaller drive sprocket wears your chain/sprockets out faster. It is because you are putting all the power through fewer teeth, Remember you only have about 1/4 of the teeth driving at any one time. So that may mean all the bikes horsepower going through 3 teeth/links, that not only wears the teeth, but stretches the chain, which in turn further wears the teeth. I would always opt for upping the rear sprocket…and changing the chain…..always, always.


Hey hi I have 2011 Honda cbr 250r I have changed so many tyres all 140/70/17 but non of them were able able to provide a safe ride there is no grip on them. Can you please suggest me I wanna fit a wide tyre in my stock wheels. What is the widest tyre I can fit in which also have the best grip specially in wet. Will 160/70/17 fit and can I fit wider then this. I really need some suggestions in india nobody cares about anybody's life the sell anything for their profit. Currently I am using ceat 140/70/17 n I swear on my life riding my bike with these tyre is like sucide I have met with extreme accidents because os these tyres please suggest me

Wayne Stokes says:

Can you cite your source for the comment about Ducati designing bikes to go down 1 tooth from the factory setting? Curious to learn more about how this might relate to my Hyperstrada

novice on the fence says:

super video. i went down 3 teeth at front and up 3 teeth at back.. now my ktm 690 is so awesome in acceleration and lost 20mph but i can live with 100mph…… 45/50mph is comfy in sixth crusing

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