DIY build a 10’x20’ Pergola Over Patio (7min) Less than $1,000

DIY build a 10’x20’ Pergola Over Patio (7min) Less than $1,000

Time lapse of over 10 hours of construction

UPDATE – For those asking for a materials list:

All lumber was outdoor pressure treated. Got quotes from lumber yards in area, and ended up being same price as Lowe’s.

6 – 6×6 pieces of lumber 10’ (bought 12’ and cut down for posts)
6 – 2×10 pieces of lumber cut 12’
3 – 1×3 pieces cut 8’
6 – 2×10 pieces cut 10’
22 – 2×6 pieces cut 10’
20 – 2×2 pieces cut 14’
12 – 7” long carriage bolts
100ct – box of 4 1/2” screws
200ct – 2 1/2” nails
6 – concrete anchor brackets (6×6)
1 – box of wedge concrete anchors

Found a plan on as a reference and then customized to my size patio and style of pergola.

Not sure exact cost, but with lumber, fasteners, and a couple tools I believe the whole project was around $900. Includes 4 trips to Lowe’s!

Also, live in Ohio (tornado alley) and had a rough winter. 1 year later, no problems with movement – still solid as when I built it.



Piggro Pigs says:

I don’t know who is stupid mate

Fernando Fuentes says:

A esto le llamo como tirar dinero a lo pendejo

hildeberto gama says:

porqueroa de video no se ve como se hace lo pasan muy rapudo no sirve

Joe Ramsey says:

If you had two ladders you could have done it in three and a half minutes nice to see the whole family work on a project enjoy it looks good

Bill S says:

It’s pretty sad that you don’t have any friends that can help you out do that you need to learn to keep some of your male bonding their pal

linc2356 says:

Is this a kit. I see alot of timber but no saw

cacaroto god says:

Why would you build this? I'm asking in a nice way..

bigol davey says:

This is painful to watch….

TheKMAz Clann says:

7 min my ass… Video sped up


Nice work. Not sure how you built that in 7 minutes but it's impressive.

Sky King says:

Weak support at the bottom.

R J says:

Good work-
I have one of these planned.
I wanted to run a privacy screen along the perimeter to keep wondering eyes and personal space a priority. Simple cable and canvas that’s weather enduring.

EDUSA Diaz-54 says:

How deep did you drill to Concrete? What size of bolts?

Scoty Theroux says:

build it for under a grand 2 words BULL SHIT . I am a CARPENTER with over 30 yrs exp and I would build Amy size pergulas for 2-5 thousand. and it will be done to code as well

El Guapo says:

That wife is a keeper right there. Helping out hubby even if it’s in the slightest will be more rewarding after you guys lounge under the pergola knowing both of you did it🤙

John Wehmeyer says:

Damn that took for fucking ever

Juan Granados says:

Speak in Spanish please

scott schwartz says:

The wind is your enemy there.

Steven Foust says:

Looked like a lot of walking around doing nothing. Took the bracing off in te middle of the build, quite strange. Anchor point extremely weak. Fail.

sal1964 says:

Nice job now you need lattice on both sides for privacy

Abel Casanova says:

Would you mind sharing your lumber lists ?

john tran says:

Structural integrity is pretty weak if your looking at a contractor point of view, bolts and support hold is majority to the cement lol, but that should still last decades and decades unless your location have serve windstorm and hurricanes but should last very very long. You can put supports in later down the line if you decided to. But its all good

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