DIY Patio Roof Build

DIY Patio Roof Build

Building a roof over our back patio/deck.

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whatissixbynine42 says:

i really recommend the u shaped brackets for this sort of thing, use screws, and drill holes.. but gj!

TheShorts1122 says:

Man your house is looking really good it is such an inspiration thanks for the videos

T Jam says:

Nice job.
Don’t you need you need to use joist hangers on the house side of the rafters? (To hold heavy load like snow)
One more thing: I bought a house, and a patio was added by previous owner without permit. I had to remove ceiling of patio, expose rafters, and add hurricane strips to keep patio from being lifted with strong updrafts. You may want to add hurricane strips before you place ceiling.

Redgod Firewalker says:

We all need a buddy for times like these.

This is why my back is dickered!

Edit:. Also thanks for the upload!

Extra Edit: I went with that foil backed sheathing as well and could not be happier, it's a literal 10 degree difference on hot days, at least.

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