DIY Paving | How to Pave a Courtyard or Patio | Adbri Masonry

DIY Paving | How to Pave a Courtyard or Patio | Adbri Masonry

Planning to pretty up your house and make it look like a million bucks? Then pavers can do the job for you!
See Adbri Masonry’s EASY do-it-yourself steps worth over 20 years of paving experience, and learn some helpful tips that would give you a better sensation for paving at home.

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yunshi11 says:

How do you cut pavers half without using a heavy machine?

Malcolm Gray says:

Done lots of paving. Watching your great video, I now realist I'e been doing wrong all these years. Your way looks so much quicker and easier. Cheers mate.

wade saunders says:

awesome guy!

Anthony Brennan says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing Jason…👍👍👍

Chris Vanderhoof says:

i need to do this for my mum. this video was really well presented, thanks 🙂

sexobscura says:

that…….. dog

UlikeSystems says:

Excellent video, I need to lay a base for a workshop / shed and want to save money by using paving rather than concrete. This video has answered several questions and given me some truly valuable advice. Many thanks

Nick Nguyen says:

should i compact sand one time and then screeding. we can have a harder sand level so it wont be uneven paver while we laying and walking on it

terence willis says:

good to do the edges with the muck

Michael Rawnsley says:

Hi you mentioned dial before you dig. i have found they only send details of utility locations on public property. not inside private boundary.

Barry van Asten says:

Brillant mon, Yeah mon

Kenny Dalgic says:

Explained perfectly. Thanks champ👊

Dan Maltby says:

awesome mate "sometimes I use my foot but that leaves a mark, other times I use my hand but that gets sore real quick"…

Scratchthejeepguy says:

I'm doing a patio with the same pavers you are! Is there a certain depth of sand I should go for? How deep is too Deep, and how thin is too thin of sand?

Sidronio gomez says:

thank you so much my Brother now I got one more thing that I can add to my handyman fence and decks services , you are the best

D Vrablic says:

A big thanks from Toronto, Canada! My son and I just tackled our back patio – went a treat with your advice! We'd buy you a beer if we could! Cheers!!

King Caesar says:


phil2003ashleigh says:

Fantastic video, best by a mile

Robert Snyder says:

I think I have watched them all to this point and I can say……GREAT VIDEO!!!  I am digging out for a patio now but I had to rent a sod cutter to get all the grass up.  The ground was ridiculously hard so I ran the sod cutter 3 times around the space to "cut" the dirt out.  My next task is to level the ground at 6 inches below grade and ensure a fall away from the house.  Install 3 inches of 3/4 minus gravel….then 1 inch of sand and then the 2 inch paver……well it's a little over 2 inches to allow for compaction…and that should bring it level with my current patio…similar to what you did here.  Again great video!!

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