How to Build a Brick Patio Basket Weave Pattern DIY Part 2

How to Build a Brick Patio Basket Weave Pattern DIY Part 2

In this Video we show you part 2 of the brick patio build! We will be showing you how we laid out out brick basket weave pattern for this brick patio extension! We hope you enjoy and that this helps you out for your next DIY project! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT,and SUBSCRIBE for the LATEST AND GREATEST

In this video we will be showing you how to setup and build a brick patio extension! We show you from start to finish on how to build the perfect brick patio. We hope you enjoy the video! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE,& COMMENT about the job if you have any questions!

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P W says:

You didn’t used modified. Is it because it’s an outdoor job. You said thinset adheres well to existing slab?

Darren Boston says:

Why not just buy bricks that aren’t covered in white?….. save time at the end!

A.S Enfield says:

Well done sir.

ttgk says:

What brand are the shoes you're wearing, and how long do they last you?

stephan ten brink says:

Great job done again David !

Scottish NS Rail Fan says:

Beautifully finished job. The client should be happy

Manuel jr Corrales says:

Looks Great….Thanks

peter weintraub says:

you continue to amaze me with the awesome work you do with concrete, brick, and landscaping. You are a very talented and experienced gentleman! Keep up the super informative videos!

الياباني 日本語 japan says:

Very beautiful Mr.Odell I have a question, please, why was used in this case Cement and did not use sand in the process of installing the brick Question II Can we decorate this tile in a color other than red Thank you, King of Concrete…شكرا لك

Jason Cannon says:

Looks good. Better than using a sand base, won’t get the weeds growing through the joins now.

David Slinn says:

What are your thoughts on 1" pavers over top a spalled concrete driveway? Do they hold up to vehicle traffic?

friendlywhiteguy says:

Brutal work. I used to do this for 6 years. Wrecked my back and knees, Im in constant pain now.

Michael Zamora says:

Great job David! Lemme tell you I just finished up a paver job here in riverside ca and those bands and cuts get tiring after awhile lol

copasetic216 says:

I love the details. All over it. Great job

Amber Dean says:

Beautiful craftsmanship! You should be so proud of your work and the work of your employees. Great video.

Hussam A says:

Awesome work, thank you for the great info and videos

Tom Jones says:

Great work.

Jack Jones says:

Soldiers stand at attention….also take a rag wrap it around the handle and stand on it while mixing….nice work

teampenn2007 says:

Can you show more of the finished product after the concrete dries? You always cut away with only 3 seconds of footage. Especially when you’re doing colored concrete. I’d really like to be able to see the differences in colors between pour and cured.

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