How to build a patio cover

How to build a patio cover

How to build a patio cover Part 1. I finish the rear of the house remodel and protect our new windows and doors as well as give new shade to the rear of the house and keep it cooler. I show a simple but strong construction method.




Kerry Clark says:

"Posts" are vertical supports and "Beams" are horizontal supports that sit on top of posts.

Charles says:

Would have preferred seeing you set the brackets into the concrete to watching you pour concrete infast motion!

How To Garden says:

Nice work looks good, new friend here. Congrats on one thousand

Mayra Galaviz says:

What was the total cost? Just to get an Idea

Four Horn's Farm says:

Always nice to have helpful kids. ❤ I need a covered porch at the front and side of my house. I have no idea how, so thanks for sharing. I'll hire a contractor so it won't end up being a hot mess.😂

Bry Burd says:

Video should be called making post holders

Bry Burd says:

The cement Looks a little wet

martha palma says:

Nice Work. 👍

Creating A Simpler Life says:

How nice will it be to pay it off!!! Awesome 🙂 Great job on the cover.

Michele P says:

Hope everything works out for you

Dorothys Hobby Farm says:

This is an amazing video and Scot, you are a great person. Thank you for showing us all the details and love that JEEP hat!!!!


What a beautiful video entry !!! Hello new here from Single Dad Homestead ! Here to stay . I will watch many videos later ☑️

Branscum Farm says:

My daughter is 5 and I have her helping around the house and with the animals. Gives them character. At least your daughter looks grow so she can really help out. Would be a waste to not have her help.

The Home Grown Variety Show says:

Great job. Nice patio cover

Robin's Tiny Homestead says:

You have a wonderful channel. Supporting your channel hope you can support mine back.:-):-):-)

Smith Family Ranch says:

That stinks you had to move it even after measuring! There is always something huh!

Annette The Encourager says:

Awesome video my friend I know this is going to be wonderful!! have a wonderful day!!

Dorothys Hobby Farm says:

That is looking amazing my friend, I like how you are keeping to code, and you are right it always saves you when you sale.

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