The Big Dig, Case CX17C Mini-Excavator Digs Footer for DIY Patio, Job Too Big for JD 1025R

The Big Dig, Case CX17C Mini-Excavator Digs Footer for DIY Patio, Job Too Big for JD 1025R

Casey’s (Case CX17C) strength is put to good use digging a large area for footers for a homeowner’s DIY patio project. The finance committee finally gives in and let’s Tim buy a laser level which does prove to be useful for this big digging project.

Link to TOPCON Laser Level:

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nashguy207 says:

Tim Great first real job for casey. I thought you did great operating him. Do you think he's going a little overboard with the depth of his footers? IM sure he's realizing now that he didn't need the load of dirt. LOL Also I don't believe he picked the best time of the year to start a project like that i can see a lot of weather delays in his future. LOL Am I wrong? Another Great video and day of family fun. Keep up the good work and great videos!!! And thanks for taking the time to film and edit these videos for us I know it can take a lot of time.

Bambi's Outdoor Service says:

One why did you throw your dirt to the inside of the footer??? And also why not use your blade to level your self out just put it to the downward side and use it to lift the machine to get level

NOLAW47 says:

What I have found in projects is it has to look bad before it can looks good, great job as usual. Thanks for sharing, peace out.

Tim KD5VMV says:

I hope they don't forget and use the back door. That first step is gonna be a doozy! Casey looks like he is fun to operate. I could have used him on a project this week.

Scott Foster says:

I an not beleive that Case does not have a thumb kit,makes a huge difference in working on projects. Needed the proper bucket for this kinds work, a mucking bucket would have been faster. Got the machine so far figured out.

R Eels says:

Not sure if anyone had said this but you can use your blade to level yourself as well as stabilizing

belinda turner says:

Yes, I love my body covers!!!

mi2tn says:

Nice job Tim! I can see why you would need Casey. When are you getting the second truck and trailer? Might need another shed while you're at it. 🙂 Are you buying Casey? The people around you are getting a deal having you do all this work for them. Glad you and Christy are having fun doing what you do.

jeremy lee says:

I’d really like to see this project when you get it completed

Wayne Brogdon says:

Yes ma’am, jus get him a grapple… lol

Ray Eddy says:

Great job Tim ! And your wife was a very important part of this project !!!! Again thank both of you !!! Be safe my friends and God bless you all !!!!!! Eddy

Ken Litherland says:

The fun continues, digging the footers and then Johnny will spend some time moving the dirt around.

George Costanza says:

now you just need to convince someone to give you a skid steer and youll be set for just about any job you could imagine

plowtruckdriver says:

Hey Bob the highway worker comment hurt a little.. LOL

gerald chaplin says:

Now Tim you know Deere has mini excavators. looks like you where having fun good job on the dig and video

Benny Viola says:

Oh my, you have to stop posting videos of new equipment that i love as i cant afford anymore new toys! For real, great video Tim as usual and keep posting my friend we all enjoy them.

RK Harm24 says:

Casey's At Bat Today. A Grand Slam for Casey!

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