4 Plumbing Parts/Tools You Should NEVER Use. NO Plumbing Fails

4 Plumbing Parts/Tools You Should NEVER Use. NO Plumbing Fails

In this plumbing tips and tricks DIY video, we show you some banned parts plumbing fittings that you should never use, and 3 of them are banned by the uniform plumbing code, like the S Trap, the flexible P Trap, and the Saddle Valve. These plumbing DIY tips will help you avoid some expensive plumbing fails due to using these banned parts which violate plumbing codes and building codes. Be sure to view and enjoy our other plumbing DIY videos. And remember with your DIY plumbing, please stop using all those flex pipes banned plumbing pipes, adhere to our plumbing tips, obey plumbing codes, and ditch that flexible pipe once and for all.

Avoid plumbing fails with our DIY plumbing tips

To avoid any building code violations, don’t use any of the 3 prohibited plumbing parts and banned plumbing pipes such as Polybutylene pipes. These banned plumbing fittings PVC parts include flexible PVC pipe, Flexible P Traps, and Snappy Traps. Use our plumbing tips and tricks to avoid plumbing fails. You should also avoid form and fit. so avoid flexible p trap installations, and any type of flexible pipe, or form and fit extension tubes on your next p trap install. Also, be sure to avoid saddle valves. Many DIY plumbing folks and uninformed handyman people like to use the saddle valve because it is cheap and avoids spending money on a plumber. The only problem is you’ll have plumbing fails later because of these banned plumbing pipes and saddle valve fixtures, that you’ll then be stuck paying thousands in flood and mold damages, plus the cost of paying plumbers that you originally tried to avoid because of your DIY plumbing failure. Believe me, you don’t want to ignore our plumbing DIY tips, because you don’t want your plumbing mistakes to be revealed on some plumbing fails video on YouTube after you violate the uniform plumbing codes.

There are so many plumbing fails attributed to the 3 uniform plumbing code violations parts we showed you here. So please, stop using those S-Traps, flexible PVC pipes, and Snappy Traps, and flexible p trap installations, and form and fit extension tubes that connect to your bathroom vanity sink drain.

Your homeowner’s insurance company will make you remove Snappy Traps and flexible p traps and other flexible pipes because they violate plumbing codes. We have already been called in to remove these from people who were given ultimatums by their insurer, resulting in us doing a new p trap install with the correct plumbing fittings, and removed their plumbing mistakes. Don’t ever allow a flexible p trap installation in your home. Also, the S Trap is banned in probably all 50 states. If you have an old S Trap already installed, I would try to get you plumbing corrected by removing that S trap when you remodel. You don’t want these plumbing fail flexible PVC pipes, and building code violations in your home, and setting yourself up for more plumbing fails. please adhere to our plumbing DIY tips. Remember, plumbing codes are there to protect us DIY plumbers from ourselves, so stick with our plumbing tips and tricks.

✅ Useful plumbing tools you SHOULD be using:
✅ Duck Puller Ferrule Ring/Sleeve Puller: https://amzn.to/2k5hrTY
✅ Saf-T-Kut EBCRR Brass Compression Ring Remover https://amzn.to/2Ypt5Mv
✅ RIDGID One Stop Wrench Kit: https://amzn.to/2ClCbNa
✅ Channellock 12-Inch Pliers: https://amzn.to/2MdcnGR

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jeffostroff says:

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✅ Useful plumbing tools you SHOULD be using:
✅ Duck Puller Ferrule Ring/Sleeve Puller: https://amzn.to/2k5hrTY

✅ Saf-T-Kut EBCRR Brass Compression Ring Remover https://amzn.to/2Ypt5Mv

✅ RIDGID One Stop Wrench Kit : https://amzn.to/2ClCbNa

✅ Channellock 12-Inch Pliers: https://amzn.to/2MdcnGR

Loy Gonsalez says:

If the inspector don't accept why they permit it to company to sell it the city should do something to no permit this in the store simply

Joe Dorotik says:

Jeff please do not make anymore plumbing videos here you do not know what you are doing. You must stop you are not a plumber that is obvious .. plumbers do not do work like you are trying to do. SETTING THE VISE AND METAL TOOLS O A GLASS TABLE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE. TRY TO MAKE VIDEOS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT.. You need to delete this video PLEASE!!!!!!!! MANY THANKS JOE D

beagle22 says:

Glald to know about the saddle valve. I have one for the water line to fridge which is not hooked up. Going to get it done right way.

Joe Dorotik says:

Hi I believe you said the lady was going to get canceled within 48 hours if she did not replace thre trap I am not talking about having your roof replaced and the 10 dollar. Tool you are not working it properly intentionally to make it look like it is a bad tool . End of story. Agree the accordion trap is a bad fix for a trap just the comments you make about 48 hour cancellation by insurance is a joke.

Joe d

Tatnall Kennedy says:

sounds like someone is losing ALOT of work to "handymen". this video should be labeled "Handyman Hate 101by jerkoffstroff" you probably lose work to handymen because you charge $200/hr plus or perhaps $2300 to install a hot water heater, or are somehow always booked up months in advance (yeah right) more like lazy, not that valuable dude, of all the house trades this handyman has done plumbing is by far the most basic and easiest, so I guess all these new "Handymen" that are taking your work will give you more time to make these cute little videos. By the way cut your grass it looks like sh"t. Besides your constant self agrandization (let me guess your divorced) needless bias to handymen (keep it to yourself, just like your ability to spell feurille"?) the video is decent. Its just that no one cares what you think of other trades people or that you have a 4th grade level spelling ability, Love always Tatnall K

IncognitoTorpedo says:

I think that the insurance company giving you 48 hours or you're kicked off the policy is kind of extreme. Flex traps are a poor product, but it's not like they're going to destroy the house. Even if you got a leak, it's a sink; you'd be standing there. People don't leave water running in sinks unattended for hours. The most likely failure mode is a clog.

Chris Hagen says:

On the ferrule removing problem, I agree, that 2nd tool is way better, and the first one is very marginal, but, I MUST point out that you were using that first tool (by Husky) incorrectly…perhaps the real problem is poor directions?

Keep up the good work!

Steve Giannotti says:

Hire a professional licensed plumber and do it right

Joe Dorotik says:

i don't believe your story that the insurance was going to be cancelled in 48 hours or however? why you say something stupid like that… didsome lady actually tell you that… poor guy…….

Joe Dorotik says:

You should let someone show you how to use the $10 dollar puller. I think even you know that you are not using it the way it is suppose to be used. sure you can see the notches on the end that the brackets fit in? really Jeff you should be ashamed….

Michael Domansky says:

Codes are written by plumbers so they can rob us. Period. Everything presented here is garbage.

Robert Balon says:

I am so glad I found this video. We are in the middle of a kitchen and bathroom remodel and our contractor installed a form n fit p trap under our vanity. I checked Ohio pluming codes and it is the same as Florida. We paid way to much money for this kind of work. I will be calling him Monday morning to address this. Thank you for this great video.

Pyar Squared says:

If no S traps, how do you install a pedestal sink that drains down through the unit into the floor?

Rafael Pinefa says:

I'm not a plumber, why am I watching this ?

gp3yt says:

THANK YOU JEFF!!! I'm with you…Mickey Mouse belongs at Disney, not in one's workmanship! From a perfectionist DIY'er that wants to do it right like a pro!

Marc Daniels says:

FYI S-Trap are permitted in Philadelphia Pa plumbing code .

Josh Cowart says:

If you’re under upc you can put a studor vent under the sink. One of the greatest inventions that eliminates the need for a saddle valve is an easy tee. They come in 1/4 or 3/8 whether it’s ice maker coffee or dishwasher

Charles Acosta says:

forgive me if this was already addressed in the comments because I'm not going to sit and read them all, but I wanted to comment on the handle sleeve puller. I own one of these as well, and if you try to incorrectly use it as is shown in the video or course you're going to hate it. It's not intended to remove the compression ring, it to remove the stuck handle from a faucet.

D B says:

LOL…Saddle valves for domestic water are not banned by UPC. They are used all the time and are completely within code.

Albo alt says:

Well, I'm 3 for 4 on these. sigh

rickkoleyahoocom says:

jeffostroff  To answer your question ,The Saf-T-Kut Brass ring remover does the job , its simple ,fast and easy,, I bought mine used but I looked it up  Construction Supply Sources has them for a penny less than fifty bucks. I am impressed you cared to ask. This is one I got excited about because how simple and basic it is.

Tediuki Suzuki says:

Why allow universally illegal fittings to be sold in the first place?

rickkoleyahoocom says:

There  is a tool to efficiently snap off the feral, A solid steel shaft that fit snug inside half inch copper pipe with an opposing tapered ridge of hardened steel that pinches it off with a snap as you tighten , very well made.

Joe Ehart says:

Got bored and tired of the condescension, couldn't finish video.

BluesJammin77 says:

As a “Professional” Handyman I get why you have an issue with the average HM. I live in a Tennessee county where code enforcement is a joke and I see a ton of work every year that is beyond sub par. Having lived in Florida for 37 years where code enforcement is much stricter I am often shocked and amazed at what I find. When I get into a job here. From saddle valves to twisted wire connections with no junction box in the attic to vanities imbedded in green board because the last HM was too lazy to pull the vanity off the wall before installing the drywall, I have seen it all. While I certainly agree there are a lot of HM that don’t know what they’re doing, there’s also a good number of us who care to check code and learn from pros like you before we do a job. Thanks for what you do. Really enjoyed this video especially the husky tool review. I’ve encountered all 3 of the violations you mentioned as well. I kinda think the sub par HM might go extinct if we all had to pass a skills and knowledge test and be licensed. But a lot of the blame rests on the homeowner looking for cheap work. To quote Babe of Babes Plumbing in Venice FL, “Good work isn’t cheap, Cheap work isn’t good”.

misium says:

2:44 yeah, not quite capillary. Venturi effect, based on Bernoulli's Principle – fast moving fluid (such as air) drops pressure, creating suction. Air driven spray guns work like that.

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