4 Types of Shower Valve Assembly Installations

4 Types of Shower Valve Assembly Installations

Regardless of skill level there are different ways to do everything, shower plumbing is no different. That being said there are options and Jeff explores DIY methods to do your own plumbing. Here are 4 different types of shower valve assembly installations.

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Jerry Hotel Furniture Ltd says:

It is such a good video, very professional plumbing technique

John andrews says:

Great videos. Huge fan! Background music is a bit distracting.

Darrin's coils&clouds says:

I cringe every time he says no need to hire a licensed plumber.

valmdziagwa says:

Hey Jeff,
Just curious why do don’t use PEX for the connection between the valve and the tub faucet?

Mani Banda says:

Thank you very much it is very educative

Ivan Smithson says:

I love your videos. I learn right now for this job.

Robert Davis says:

i never seen anyone wipe flux after the fitting was complete. whats the reasoning behind that. are u aways solo for these jobs?

pastel dreams says:

Is this from Canadia? I'm sensing a Canadian dialect, and a nervous Canadian bounce when talking.

DisplayName01 says:

How do you know which pipe is hot and cold?

DisplayName01 says:

What is the additional flux for? Or was that water you brushed on after? Thanks

neil 1234567 says:

I was with ya all the way until ya started using those awful shark bite fittings. Never bury them in a wall unless you want to pay for the next remodel of your customer house. If they don't leak right away it's only a matter of time before they come back to haunt you..

Michał Gellert says:

lovin' it! thanks for the video.

Jorge Viveros says:

Nice video, thanks

Dave Kirkpatrick says:

Great info, but several times you do something, or use something, without mentioning specifics – for instance, @25:46 you add what looks like paste (???) into the copper pipe opening. What is the substance, and why use it?

John Picaro Jr. says:

Question: The Depth! Is it different with all shower faucet brands? Do you have to compensate for the cement board and tile thickness? Thanks in advance.

Roy Saxton says:

great vid about plumbing options. Only thing that I've noticed is that the pinch clamps on pex tend to leak when exposed to extreme temp variations. saw a vid when the wall was opened up in a commercial bath the pinch clamps were all leaking the few crimp clamps had not. I do use the pinch clamps on rubber apps such as in automotive vacuum. Good to see someone who can solder. I like the map gas too….

Miss Chocolate says:

Thanks, Jeff, you are an excellent teacher, because you make the soldering look easy (not scary).
Can I change my old Delta Monitor shower valve without changing the tub-faucet since it already corresponds with a separate drain stopper? Or should I get the complete universal kit and change out everything?

Joanne Thanner says:

Don’t stop making videos. I’m watching all of them.

omar monzon says:

excelent demostration you helped me to improve my skills. thanks

Diana Traz says:

Great videos. Very clear & easy to follow. Question: What are the long capped copper extensions on the old rough in? I see you left them here, but other places I have seen them removed and the pex goes straight to the supply line and those extensions are removed. I have them on my tub/shower & didn't know if I should leave them or remove them. Thank you.

MyKonaRC says:

I don't know why people like the crimp on pex instead of the compression pex rings you expand

jose vilca says:

very well explanation, thanks. jose vilca

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