5 Amazing DIY PLUMBING Tools ( Amazon ) #02

5 Amazing DIY PLUMBING Tools ( Amazon ) #02

5 Amazing DIY PLUMBING Tools ( Amazon )

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Amazon Links:
\\\\\Amazon U.S/////
00:04 ➤➤ C-Style Copper Tubing Cutters 【$47】 http://amzn.to/2FKRhLo
01:16 ➤➤ RIDGID Straplock Pipe Handle 【$28】 http://amzn.to/2EgA6nG
02:43 ➤➤ Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers 【$50】 http://amzn.to/2BXIpQd
03:51 ➤➤ Toilet Auger 【$50】 http://amzn.to/2EHEtGm
05:21 ➤➤ LeakSMART 【$185】 http://amzn.to/2EGlv2F

\\\\\Amazon International/////

00:04 ➤➤ C-Style Copper Tubing Cutters 【$47】 http://geni.us/CF10C
01:16 ➤➤ RIDGID Straplock Pipe Handle 【$28】 http://geni.us/0ecvNc4
02:43 ➤➤ Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers 【$50】 http://geni.us/QSUt
03:51 ➤➤ Toilet Auger 【$50】http://geni.us/wslrCu2
05:21 ➤➤ LeakSMART 【$185】 http://geni.us/mARVCc

★Price may be changed after video published date.

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lanceheroatlarge says:

The audio in this video is all jacked up and the video is only slightly better.

Jonny Wonderland says:


Thomas J says:

get some speakers on your editing rig

pork chop says:

Audio sucks

B Bock says:

A new tool that removes stuck or broken Delta cartridges http://www.showervalvesaver.com/home.html

andrew brindescu says:

I have an ridgid cutter that cut ftom 1/4 ×1.1/8. One cuter is enough

Richard Palmer says:

I like the mini pipe cutters, but I can't find them anywhere…

S Dad says:

Wast of time

Carl Hoitela Jr says:

Audio is messed up vs video

J. Lejeune says:

I thought I was on acid

a64750 says:

can cut PVC with a hand saw

Narsaiah Bagari says:

Very good information

David Nguyen says:

What is the purpose of the last one? Looks like it just turn the water on and off. That copper line already have an on off lever

Chris Lampson says:

Would be nice but y’all need to fix the voice over!

Tenth Dimension says:

Shitty editing!!!!

Dustin Pomeroy says:

What is this dude talking about my mini tubing cutter is what I use 95 percent of the time and it's adjustable

stan hankins says:

Video is jacked up

bronxnewbie says:

Audio sucks azzzzzzzz

Johnny AppleStead says:

LOL! Stoner video editing.

Cobra 142 says:

toliet is full of urine please redo video with clean water

TitusLivy777 says:

So, did the guys who made this video ever actually watch it? No, I'm afraid they didn't.

Joe Lambing says:

Audio sucks

Lewis Kelly says:

Thank you for letting me know I should avoid this channel

edcross1 says:

yess audio not synching

Rage says:

Audio is messed up?

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