Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Mistakes | Five Common Problems

Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Mistakes | Five Common Problems

This video shares what common bathroom renovation plumbing mistakes plague homeowners. Watch this video before you dive into any bathroom renovation project. Make bathroom renovation easier with Bathroom Repair Tutor

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Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Mistakes
0:16 Inspect bathroom plumbing
0:41 Avoid brass and galvanized bathroom pipes
1:00 Inspect bathroom pipes for cracks, corrosion, previous repairs
1:28 Don’t use old shower rough-in valves and water supply lines
2:35 Slow draining showers are due to poor bathroom venting
3:34 Avoid 90 degree horizontal fittings
4:17 Vent double vanity sinks properly to avoid slow draining
5:50 Bonus plumbing tip for sinks

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Emmanuel Cerda says:

Can you do a video on the Saniflo system for a basement remodel. It would be great help for home owners with a basement

Bob Quattrini says:

More Sloppy Ass Plumbing

BigAl says:

Majority of his drain work would not pass in Washington state, plus some questionable statements about how difficult it is to cable through a 90 in horizontal position. Use a long sweep 90 to begin with.

Charles Pelletier says:

Your saying we should do things to code. But that double vanity drain you have installed is not to code in my area. My area your not allowed to use a double wye on a vertical drop. The reason is you need to use 45 to straighten the wye back out and the vent becomes lower than the drain.
We are only allowed to use double tee wyes for that purpose or stack 2 tee wyes like you showed. I've been a plumber for over 30 yrs and have never seen a double vanity drain slow when using both bowls after stacking tee wyes. Yes one becomes a wet vent but the amount of water doesnt over come the vents ability to work properly. In order for that to happen the entire side arm going to the verticle drop would have to fill up completely.

RobsPower Channel says:

Long sweep 90 my bro save some $$

Mark T says:

This handyman has his opinions. Check your local code on how to do a proper install. And if you're having copper pipe failures you're not installing it correctly.

Panda Digital Love says:

If your utilities use Chloramine water , it will kill your pax joint rubber seals faster than copper . A ticking time leak in 5 years or less, just keep track of how many times you have to replace your faucet rubber seats to give an idea why chloramine eats and deteriorates your rubber seals.

Bogdan Grytsevych says:

Read pluming code…it's legal used 2" elbow horizontal…I'm license plumber of NY…

eugene swayngim says:


Mike Sacco says:

Mmm let’s see.
A long sweep 90
Ferncos are a NO NO.

Oh what’s the point.
Video failed

Peter Sullivan says:

Wow!! Why is this guy giving plumbing advice? He has no idea what he's doing! Maybe in Mexico this will pass inspection but nowhere I'm familiar with.

renata matic says:

Is it true that cast iron drain pipe is quieter than plastic drain pipe? That plastic drain pipes make a lot of noise when water is running through them?

Michael Speakman says:

I think this guy sells PEX for a living. And plastic supplies.

jeffostroff says:

Why did you use two 45 degree fittings to solve the problem of he 90 degree corner? Don't they have large radius single bend pieces like 1/4 bends or 1/8 bends that can solve this problem for you?

Secrets plumbing says:


Vinnie Gugger says:

Best Plumbing tip I can give you is to call a plumber.

lenell86 says:

Good video, very clear and concise for when I decide to renovate bathroom

Grouperhound says:

Some good information. A little bit more information at the end for to drains to the stack would be great. Looks like you are also using the 45 degree fitting concept discussed earlier in the video. I’m guessing that would also be important for snaking.

double dee says:

Furncos are a no no… banded couplings. Also that 45 below the flood rim on that vent after the duel outlet ty will fail as well.

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