DIY Plumbing For Toilet

DIY Plumbing For Toilet

Here Ben and Jacob are installing the plumbing for a toilet and sink. They will tie together then go into the septic system.



Mike Ober says:

Aren’t all toilets supposed to have a vent?

Dil Nawaz says:

Sr I do this work but we have to much problem this field
Lekage no cover some time we totly complete work but some joint lekage
Sr please tell me solution this problem

Guadalupe Luna says:

Sorry for the cuestion:
Don't you supose to have a p-trapp under the toilet flange?

frigatedog says:

where is the vent?

Jose Gonzalez says:

Quick question,, where is the vent for the bath,,????

tim jones says:

Wheres your vent pipe for the toilet???

John Does says:

Hi ! Want to replace a 4 inch waist line from that 1928' house who has only one toilet Now I gonna had a new toilet upstair and want to replace that cast iron pipe with 3 inch PVC has a waist line is it ok

Keith hawkins says:

I don't know where your located but you typically should never put a ty on its back.
I'm wondering if it's going to be inspected.
We usually stub a pipe up and cap it. We cut it after floor is in them flange it.
Kindly I say good luck.

vinrod34 says:

Excellent, but use purple cleaner, that is what inspectors' want to see.

Don Hoover says:

You use combination fittings on their back for clean outs, not sanitary tee's Also, as mentioned by someone else, you have not put in a vent for the toilet piping.

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