How To Remove Bathtub Faucet Stems

How To Remove Bathtub Faucet Stems

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Randy Obenchain says:

I just had a stem on our tub go bad last night. Your video was the only one that showed me what I needed to do to get the job done. Thanks!

Gregg Tilles says:

Excuse my ignorance but instead of replacing parts on the stem , wouldn't it be easier to just put in a new stem?

ilovetofu says:

What about replacing the faucet seat that also may caused the leaks

Lilian Kuhn says:

Thanks for video but what can I use when the piece won't come off of the pipe behind the wall? Thanks.

Larry Redden says:

Now I see what I m doing wrong — thanks a lot…..

xr29fb32 says:

Great video.  If the sleeve around the stem is turning when you turn the water facet on/off could that be the cause of my shower leak behind the tub (in the piping?)?  Water is leaking to the ceiling downstairs below the tub.  Thanks.

Logic central says:

Plug the drain

BlueBeast Gamer says:

Hello, can you please tell me the brand name of the wrench you are using? Also the brand name of your faucet PULLER.
Thx. So much,

Ric Dro says:

When I turn diverter to shower water still comes out tub faucet. Changed out packing and o ring in diver valve what esle could it be? I have the hot diverter cold valve set up. When on shower it comes out of hot and or cold which ever is on.

Sara fina says:

I have removed everything down to a stripped stem an no matter how far off I have turned it my shower head is at a medium flow for hot water I am having to turn off all the water to the house so the shower is not running how do i fix this plz I have no money to call a plumber HELP RICK PLEASE

Cory Flynn says:

Thank you so much Handyman Toolbox. I am learning more as time goes on!

webbsway says:

Thank you so very much! Looks like you saved this widows hide. ERR – faucet! ~smile~

clasicradiolover says:

just replaced the entire three knob assembly. The new faucet has a flow restrictor in it. I already have low flow shower head and low water pressure, how do I remover the faucet's restrictor?

sornord says:

I have a tile shower that has faucets that appear similar to these (though no bathtub spigot.) The cold water faucet drips steadily (from the shower head, not the handle.). My house was built in 1961 and I have had plumbers and handymen look at repairing this. They tell me that my faucets are "antique," the hardware is no longer available, and that they'd have to tear out the whole tile wall and repair them from the other side. (The faucets are on an outside wall so this means the bricks outside would have to be dismantled to repair these valves.)

Really? I can understand old faucet parts MAYBE not being available any more but ripping out the tiles and the bricks on the outside for what looks like it SHOULD be a simple repair? I'm not a plumber but am no idiot either.

Is the repair shown in this video on an "antique" valve, e.g. mid-sixties vintage?

Joseph Schmidt says:

I cannot remove screws that attach the handles to the stems. The screws are locked in place they are striped and won't move. Do you have any ideas on how I can remove them

brianmann01 says:

Outside of the long intro, you do an excellent job of demonstrating the procedure. So many "how to" videos skip over the actual process and instead are long winded "listen to me talk" and therefore useless. Thanks

Kyle Gerald says:

I have a l shape faucet and the l rench does not work how would I take that off?

Violinist 1 says:

I'm new to doing this. There is one tool I didn't quite understand the name of it. It sounded like Tenalock. What is the spelling of that tool?

Charlene's video channel says:

I do not know what type my faucets are. This is an older house. I cannot figure out how to get into the faucet. I can get the handle off, but then nothing moves. I'm afraid of breaking it. If I could see a picture/s of older faucet types then I could learn what kit to purchase and possibly be able to get into change the washers and such. I have changed my hot washer kits for many years, but the faucets are a lot newer than this one. I could send a photo if you need it.

Judith Warren-Wright says:

Thank you for your informative video. Very helpful

josiah912 says:

Hey is there any substitutes to the tool use to take off the handle? Am not that fortunate to aquire that "pulling" tool….. Thanks for your help

John Smith says:

How can you tell what brand, type etc of valve stem you need to buy after it is out. I have a tub installed in the mid 80's with dual handles for hot and cold and no shower control. The stem end is plastic and that broke/stripped off which of course keeps the handle on. I can get the stem out. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Zompa says:

Can the first three tools be rented at Lowe's or Home Depot?
Vintage 1958 bathroom.

Dale Halls says:

what is the special tool called that you need to take a bathroom tub shower valve apart to replace it because it leaks

inocencio Romero says:

what are the tools name an wrench size

albert wilson says:

great video. I've replaced many washers but recently had a faucet I couldn't remove. I see from the video the the sleeve is threaded in to the supply line. Saved me a lot of trouble and a plumber's bill.

Patrick McCarron says:

Where can I get those tools?

Deborah Bosman says:

I have been to 3 plummer supply and they do not have the part the long stem part and the washer that on it the media rod part

Joseph Leo Holland says:

If this video would've started with a list of tools that he was using instead of just skip and write to them on the stem etc. that would've been much more helpful

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