How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall – This Old House

How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall – This Old House

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and tile expert Joe Ferrante team up to repair a leaky shower valve installation. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Set Tile:

How to Replace a Shower Pan:

How to Install a Glass Tile Backsplash:

Shopping List for How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall:
– 2½-inch drywall screws
– wall tile
– thin-set mortar and grout
– plumber’s putty

Tools for How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall:
– utility knife
– carbide-tipped scoring knife
– hammer and ½-inch-wide cold chisel
– thin pry bar
– handsaw
– drill/driver fitted with carbide-grit hole saw
– tile nippers
– margin trowel and bucket
– notched trowel
– rubber float
– grout sponge

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Questionable Potato says:

I was trying to make a L4D2 map how did i end up here

John Zima says:

Can you tell me what make this Valve apparatus is and why I can not loosen the front PLEASE?

TechLiberator says:

"So how'd you guys make out?" @ 3:56 Wow, word choice…

filmsplicer says:

Tell me how to remove the 50 year old gas furnace from behind the wall so I can access the valve and then how to keep from making even more problems with rusted out galvanized water pipe entombed in concrete that leak when you look sideways at them–and that's just for starters. Instead you show me a simple fix and wonder why I don't waste any more of my time watching your overly simplistic videos.

Jeff Glynn says:

Is this a video on how to repair a shower valve?….no it is not, this video corrected a tile setters bullshit job.

jeremy stewert says:

wow, I have a REAL problem. my valve is leaking into the floor.

Seemore Butts says:

i do not have access to the rear and the vanity in the other bathroom is right over it and im not going to destroy y other bathroom. I went in from the front to change it out and i have a big ass hole 13×13 and i have to figure some way to plug the hole and then re tile it. any suggestions on videos i have seen one yet

Scott Johnson says:

this is a joke, give me $10 for wasting my time douchebag. Thought i'd get some tips on how to fix without breaking tile. You have access to rear! Gimme a break.

safffff1000 says:

You just show the easy ones, I'm in the Phillipines and they use burn proof housing materials called concrete. How do I do it when the valve is connected to 1/2" threaded galvanized pipe imped in the wall?

Marlon Dias says:

seems like a bit of overkill to remove the tile. To save your customer some money on a tiler why not either tighten the flange and a nice bead of silicone or just a bigger flange?

scooter12368 says:

thank you for video and encouragement.  i installed new seat, stem. in turned the stem in by hand. i then tighten the nut by hand, then tighten the packing nut to turn the stem in a bit tighter.but i had to tighten a bit more because water would drip downward off stem behind the tile stem. so i tightened it slowly until the drip stopped. but then it made the handle that turns off water uncomfortably tight, not as  easy as with the old stems. i am stuck. tighten the nut so no drip, but a little bit more then the handle is uncomfortably tight.  Help?

Porsche924Tim says:

…And if you do not have access to the back of the wall containing the pipes??? Another case of TOH making a task look MUCH easier than it really will be.

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