Plumbing apprentice AB and I knock out the second hose bibb on this job. We all learn a good lesson on this one. Check it out.

Every day plumbing repairs and installs featured all while my two sons CB2 and Angelo learn the plumbing trade.

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Chris H says:

wonder if they know their insulation is upside down ….

Tim Hendley says:

I like that over sized backing plate.

PB says:

He owned up to the fact it had a small drip which I respect, many youngsters would have ignored it. You are training them well Chuck, very well 👍

Bob Y says:

The term you're referring to is called marking the stab depth. In the gas industry marking the stab depth on underground couplings , insertion fittings, dresser couplings and megapress fittings is one of the most important things you should do. Anytime there is an incident in the gas industry involving a fitting that has a required stab depth, we always look for the stab depth marking. So don't ever let a 99 cent Sharpie marking pen cost you an accident. It could be the difference of your insurance company paying or the manufacturer of the gas fitting paying. 99 cents is cheap for peace of mind.

Tony Ramirez says:

Between the Milwaukee or rigid which pro press did u like more

brittaniberge says:

OH MY STARS MR CHUCK!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! Cant stop watching you guys and I'm a nurse haha so great you 1. Have all this knowledge. 2. Creating/continuing an amazing legacy. 3. PASSING your gifts to the next generation. 4. Thank you for raising great adults! 5. Cant stop wont stop! ✴ B.B.

Max Copple says:

It happens. I bet he will be a good plumber.

Handyman-Hotline says:

Are those shark bite fittings? I have never seen that kind.

First Aid Plumbing says:

It’s great to see how AB coming along in the trade by you letting him get in there and do it himself.

Tom Dale says:

since 1993…AB is starting to show signs of proficiency, about time for a raise or a decrease in any debts owe, och

Aepek says:

CONGRATS on the repair….don’t worry. We all make mistakes, apart of life. If didn’t, something would be wrong 😉

throttle bottle says:

what a perfect place for re-work and learning a lesson lol.
bet he doesn't make that mistake again!

Debo 22 says:

Nice job on the repair CB3, you’re also getting good at narrating

Harry May says:

No Mark still didn't learn !!!!!

Harry May says:

I said that way back when Mark all in the code .!!

Brewmule says:

You should of used a slip coupling instead on one that had a stop in it. It would of been easier to slid in place since the pipe had no give.

Edward Mellina says:

Hey men!! Great video and I too made that same mistake my first time using the pro press tool. I’m not a plumber, but I love that tool.
And the packing nut – a must to check. Great reminder.

Dick Dragon says:

Start saving a few water heater boxes. They are great for crawling around on!

Shawn Kauffman says:

faucet is way to low to the ground

Rob Fahey says:

Great job Chuck I always think it's best to learn from mistakes as long as it's a teaching lesson usually it's never made again, it's when someone makes a mistake and is corrected and shown/told the proper way and then the person continues to make the mistake is when problems arise. It shows absent mind, not thinking and paying attention to details which can be costly mistakes in the trade. Live and learn just move onwards and dont forget your past when you eventually become the teacher and the trades flourish when mistakes are past down.

John Stutt says:

Which frost free hose bibs are those? I use mainly Woodford ones here.

Wheel bearing says:

Good job Boys!

Anthony S. says:

Angelo…I've been in this trade over 30 years, and I still make mistakes to this day. Today was one of many in your journey…try not to make the same mistakes twice. Keep in mind..every good Plumber makes mistakes, those that say they don't..are full of shit!! Hang in there bud…you're doing good.

TheMrSnyder says:

If you're not making mistakes, then you're just not working.

Avremi Rosenthal says:

Hey chuck, It would be easier if you secured the hose bib after the pipes where pro pressed

Dave Solomon says:

Repair couplings could help the situation…

Trevor Hayes says:

We all learn from our mistakes

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