Replace Bathroom Faucet Quick, Easy, Cheap DIY On A Budget

Replace Bathroom Faucet Quick, Easy, Cheap DIY On A Budget

In this video we show you all about DIY bathroom faucet replacement, showing you quickly how to replace bathroom sinks quick, easy cheap when you are on a tight budget. Here we show you how to remove bathroom faucets from the sinks, by using both the Ridgid faucet wrench and the Ridgid One Stop wrench to undo the bathroom faucet hoses, and the plastic retaining nuts that secure the bathroom faucet into place.

Tools used in this bathroom faucet replacement video:
✅ Ridgid One Stop Wrench Kit for bathroom faucets:
✅ Ridgid 57003 EZ Change Faucet Tool, Sink Wrench

How to install vanity faucet

With our DIY plumbing tips you’ll have your bathroom faucet repair and installation complete in short time. You’ll be able to show all your DIY friends that you too can do it yourself when you complete this bathroom faucet installation.

how to install bathroom faucet

The next few minutes in this DIY plumbing tips video we’ll show you how to replace bathroom faucet after you complete the bathroom faucet removal.



Rocket Rider says:

At 4:30 How come when you turn the water back on at each under sink multi-turn valve you then turn the handle clockwise slightly (1/8th of a full turn) to the closed position ?

fishbonenetworks says:

Florida’s outdoor gate valve shut offs always make me giggle. Keep on keepin’ on Sunshine State!

Rodney Widger says:

LOL this is perfect timing for me. I'm in the middle of a bathroom remodel on our double vanity portion of my master bath. I'm confessing right now we bought kitchen cabinets so that they are taller. The vanity you showed the other day was beautiful but what a price tag? OUCH !! As you know we are on a fixed income, my wife is disabled and I'm trying to do this with one good hip :)). I'm great at DEMO lol then again most people are. My wife loves stainless steel so we bought a couple of bar sinks from Menard's and matching faucets.Tuscany I think it is called. Tall spout kind of like the kitchen kind. Because of the budget we bought the kind that you hate with plastic corner support but no worries on drawers cuz it's a sink cabinet fake drawer. My question is what kind of silicone do you usually get? Any washers on faucet above or below? Since it's new do you attach the faucet before putting the sink in place?
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and videos Rodney

mike requadt says:

Do they still have those flow control fitting in the aerator? We used to take those out; called them: "callbacks waiting to happen". Not politically correct but the customers sure like seeing massive stream coming out. You have to fight back against the Hippy-Dippy regulations sometimes.

KONAMAN Studio says:


teh60 says:

I have the same Ridgid tools. They work great.

Tooltime says:

Hey Jeff what was that website for coupons that you alway have??? Thanks

Jason Levesque says:

To anyone attempting to do this always check the faucet and make sure the shut off valves are working because if the seals are bad and you disconnect the supply lines and the valves bad you'll have a big mess .🤣🤷‍♂️ just replaced 12 bathroom faucets and 9 kitchen faucets and in a complex with 12 apartments 6 of those apartments had bad valves under the sinks .make sure the main water valve is off and actually shuts the water at the main .👍also place a paper towel under the valves for about 15-20 minutes after you're done if a drop of water comes from any connections you'll know right away.

Dahut says:

Home Depot calls the "Ridgid One-Stop Wrench" a RIDGID EZ Change Faucet Tool! $20.48

Raymond Hahn says:

You should always replace the supply lines when replacing a faucet

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