14×24 Shed Build Timelapse

14×24 Shed Build Timelapse

I selected affordashed.com to build a 14′ x 24′ shed to storage my Skyhopper ultralight, yard equipment, and bikes in order to return our two-car back to a two-car garage. It will also become my new “shop.” As you can see by the counter (upper right) it took the three-man crew 17 hours. I highly recommend this company for anyone in the E TN, N. GA, S. KY area how want an affordable shed that’s expertly and conscientiously built in a very short amount of time. This one took a bit longer than normal due to the customized nature (10′ walls, ridge beam for joistless ceiling in order to get the maximum vertical clearance possible for the tail of my plane to fit).

Time lapse details:
Interval: 10 seconds (6 frames/min or 300x)
Camera: SJCam SJ5000X Elite, daylight WB, Warm Tone, High Contrast, 100 ISO, Noise Reduction, FOV = 110.
Post Processing: Adobe After Effects CC



Michael kors says:

amazing, hahaha you can finish that shed in about 3:40 minutes 🌺🌺🌺 lol

Clayton Roberts says:

How much did they pay for all the wood

Benjamin Ha says:

you video so far away suck

utseay says:

Wow, that’s awesome.

NTDTV says:

Hello Dean,
It's Peter  from NTD Television. This video is great:


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محمد الزعبي says:

You done very well

2Phast4Rocket says:

I am building a 10×12 shed in by backyard and my own construction method is so much better than this shed which is over twice the size. My 2×4 are all 16" on center. These are 24" on center to save cost. The footing isn't secured anywhere. A big storm will hit and guess where will this shed fly to.

Who C4r3z says:

i'm really no building expert, i'm not even close to getting out of high school, and i watch these videos just for fun but- what is up with the zero foundation, just building up on any old dirt, and the roof? it's going to fall apart in bad weather

emho123 booters16 says:

The worst construction ever.

Hamma Swingah says:

So many things wrong…so very many things. Foundation, roofing, felt, order of operations…

Kyle B. says:

How much in materials would that cost

wil hallman says:

So much wrong with this it's hard to watch without cringing

PewPewBangBang says:

Improper roof installation. Roof will look like crap and you can see each row going up. Beside that shed looks good.

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