5 Final Steps | How to Build A Shed | Part 6

5 Final Steps | How to Build A Shed | Part 6

Learn How 2 Finish your Shed so it can Withstand any type of Weather and look Awesome for Decades! Doors, Trim, Soffit, Cedar posts, River Stone and Lawnmower Ramps all coming your way!

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slimey salinas says:

How can we thank this man for all his free educational videos?

Ryan Pederson says:

Why Polyurethane instead of Silicone?

Chris L says:

wow it even has 1/2 mm increments lol

Cousin Justin says:

Great job Gary 👌🏻

Cam Rodriguez says:

Beautiful shed! I would be unbelievably proud to own or to have built it. I can't wait to see the finished product and for more videos!! They make me so happy

Mark McCusker says:

Really enjoying this series, lots of great tips as usual. Small question/comment on the cheater door. Would the frame of the door benefit from a couple of diagonal braces, low to high from the hinge side, to help combat the inevitable sag?

Mohammad B says:

Awesome series.
Any plans on doing a cubby house DIY or children's playground equipment series?

David Stokes-Lopez says:

Great video!!!
Thank you!!!

James Punting says:

I just cover my mower with a plastic tarp lol

locsipocsi1 says:

sweet been waiting for this video. Awesome man love it

MR. SPIFFY says:

The other week you were sweatin bullets now your wearing a sweater, man weather changes fast…

M i t c h B says:

Closing on our first home by mid October.. majority of the stuff on this channel will never apply to me (like this shed) but man these videos are addicting to watch.

laoluu says:

Thanks for the mm! :))

allen sisson says:

Just curious.. why would you spend the time to line up perfectly with the side door overlap to make it “hidden”…. and then put large, viable hinges and a gate latch?

Stanley Keith says:

Great Job you did. Your next door neighbor did you a favor by building that big fence, you have a pool and this makes it nice for you. Very High. Did you build the deck around your pool. Do you have a video on that. I would like to build a deck around my pool. Glad you fixed the door lock, also I would put a barrel lock on both doors inside….Thanks

Vinícius Nery says:

Haha thanks for the metric system measures Jeff. You’re the best!

v D'Walt says:

Are you going to put some sort of tool storage on the inner side of the hidden door?

Jose Barbosa says:

Nice looking Man Car Jeff. Just Missing the Hammock

Pruna Adrian-Nicusor says:

Awesome. Looking forward for the paint

imjimimack says:

So, city code allowed you to build this close to the property line? I'd hate to have to work on that fence in such close confines.

Russ Dixon says:

Great series, any plans availiable?

douglas hammond says:

New to the channel.  were have you been all my life  LOL  love it

kailey barri says:

love the side mower door…i want that…

Diane Deck says:

I think slide locks would be better, less chance of locking yourself inside by accident. This is from experience. I have those same locks you used on a gate and they close on me all the time locking when I am not ready for them to. As least I can reach over the gate to unlock it tho.

Kolya Kishov says:

With those latches must be really fun time to get locked in

Thursday Washington says:

Fantastic Job !!


my neighbor wants to build a shed. i showed him this video. he said you are sniffing meth. i immediately came to your defense and said: no he's not! he might be a little drunk, but no meth!

HM says:

You are the Canadian bob villa…

Neilton Da Silva Lima says:

Belo trabalho , sou brasileiro admiro muito seus trabalhos.

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