Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video

Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video

In this video, I build the Heartland Stratford 12 foot by 8 foot shed, purchased from Lowes on sale. This video covers some of the process and challenges I encountered when building a modified floor design with a prefab kit. The other challenges included dealing with poor quality structural lumber that was warped, twisted or bowed. The take away for the manufacturer would be to supply a better framing structure and wall studs made from thick plywood as opposed to 2 X 3s. In the end I made it all work but it didn’t really save me any time versus building from scratch. The kit did come with all the hardware and the OSB boards for the roof. The roofing itself was made up of Ondura corrugated roofing panels.


DISCLAIMER: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to do anything that is shown in my videos. Woodworking and Metal Working are very dangerous activities and should only be performed by trained professionals.

Make a Simple Tapering Jig:

Make a Hinge Mortising Jig:

Cutting End Grain on a Router Table:

Watch me build the cross-cut Sled (bridle Joint Jig) :



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David R says:

Shed looks excellent. I built the same shed kit. Purchased it from Lowes. Agree with your comments, I found the material to be kind of flimsy. Also found the directions difficult to follow. if I was to do it again, would do it from scratch without a kit. Main reason I went with a kit, was to save time on cuts. I think it would have taken me less time and would have used better material if I built from scratch.

Concerned Citizen says:

lowes will sell any damn thing for $$

Concerned Citizen says:

a lot of these sheds are "suspect" to say the least….

MrSuperbombastik says:

If you buy a 2000 dollar kit for 1400 from Costco you're STILL paying more than its worth.

MrSuperbombastik says:

Just finished my project and it got WORSE as I started hanging doors and installing latches and locks. Cheap ass Chinese steel broke weld when i tightened set screws. Handles were off center, things not lining up or clearing door jams when you explicitly follow the instructions; mostly because of bad boards that are warped or twisted. I finally bought my own box of 10 dollar wood screws and they all worked perfectly. Nearly ran out of finishing nails because they'd bend halfway through, over and over. I'm now buying my own handles and locks so the thing works and quicker than sending the broken one back. I intend to absolutely destroy this manufacturer on their public page. They should be out of business.

asassyvic says:

Wow great work. Found watching you very sexy. Love watching men do things like this. Dog was cute.

AloiiolA says:

Thanks for sharing. I noticed @ 3.01 , you placed a plastic/transparent sheet. What is the purpose? If necessary, what brand did you use? Thanks again

Amy Drouin says:

Wonderful wonderful job with this shed build, we want to build a shed/camp on a hillside on our property and its to hard to get to with a prebuilt shed, so…we will be doing this soon. Tha is again for all the hard work you did making it. Amy, CT

Ron Gray says:

Hope it gives you years of service! You are wise to know "the next time" that you'd use standard lumber and do it yourself…stronger building for you! Blessings and thanks for the video of your build!!

Coyote Bite says:

So what energy drink did you take to move so fast? Jk, great video. Always think it's better to build yourself. You know it's done right, and much cheaper.

Greg Whitmore says:

Thank you for your video. I am in the market for one of their 8×12 sheds and you helped me change how I planned the floor.

chris chabra says:

I have a slab already….where can I get plans for a 8 x12 shed….thanks

Linda Knudson says:

Thanks for all the tips.😄

flamingpie herman says:

What a handyman! I need you at my house!

Blair Lovett says:

I love it ..I think you did a great job. very nice shed and also I love the dog…. thanks😉👍👍🐕

Double D says:

Working that fast and your not out of breath, amazing. Great looking shed! I was a little disappointed when you pulled out the nail gun, but great shed, and great job!

Mike Kaufman says:

Nice job. some good hints and reminders on leveling. your right 80% prep on floor and the rest will come together..

LN25 says:

Not the best grade Lumber built with minimal material but charged a Premium price. Build your own it will last longer.

Bubbles says:

I live in my shed .

Robert Ordewald says:

I agree, I would be embarrassed to use the cheap materials provided. I would draw up my own plans and materials list and do it myself. The plans are easy to make and if you do make them in a size that doesn't waste materials. What I mean is make the shed one of these sizes, 8 by 8 or 8 by 12. It will save quite a bit of money

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