Building a Solar Powered Workshop

Building a Solar Powered Workshop

A full post with cost info and product specifications:
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Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds

This project was sponsored by The Home Depot



George Senda says:

Why no insulation for the walls ?

Valeria Estrada says:

I want to build a off the grid tiny house. I would love to see a how to video on that!

Get Wrecked says:

10:09 PBR… nice

Brian D'silva says:

Awesome build, Im curious about the speakers though, could you provide a link for them?

Cobras Venom says:

4:39 you said underwear hahahahahahahaha

BucketListBOYS S says:

His buddy Ron in RIPPED

jeremy cassman says:

This is i believe the first video ive seen of yours and im convinced your sponsered by ryobi lol

HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica says:

Very good workshop

bloodswarms says:

Questionable use of hair product.

Fam Arrieta says:

Man this is my dream but I have no tool, I hope that someday Santa will come to my house and help me build something like that, I loved my dream. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

DaveTheCave says:

I want that… and I don’t even make anything!

Hamed Adefuwa says:

Mate this has to be the best video I've ever seen on YouTube, I'll be subscribing and following you around the internet!! Thanks so much, please keep it up!

Wildy Snow says:

thumbs up for the chooks, keeping the yard clean and green. With eggs as well

Capone says:

11:58 You have a nice cock, bro.

And the video looks like just as much work as the shed. Nice job.

Tomy Young says:

Yes i do it!

Zeh Rech says:

Nicee. I work with PV systems in brazil. And there is a question.
– did u read the instruction manual to install the inverter upside down?


simon finch says:

Sponsored by Ryobi I guess!

JAngelD89 says:

you make it look so simple, awesome work

R Edmonds says:

Supeer video!

Cory Shubert says:

You need to add 360 degree videos to your offerings. Easier than all the editing and you can "direct" the users in post if need be. Well done though, very clean and well produced.

Paul Gareau says:

This is the coolest Home Depot commercial I've ever seen. Thanks!

Stephanie Messina says:

You should build a shipping container house!

Indrasish Banerjee says:

Great work. But why didn't you use micro inverters?

Lee Ben says:

Nice job. What you end up with a total cost for the whole start to finished project ?

Donna E says:

We have an existing barn with a loft but wasn't sure what to do with it, thanks for all the great ideas. My house is solar powered, why not the barn too! Thanks

Skydiggz says:

Thats F'in awesome!

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