Craft Shed DIY Storage Box | She Shed Gift Box

Craft Shed DIY Storage Box | She Shed Gift Box

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a fun storage box in the theme of a Craft Shed using the Dovecraft ‘Secret Garden’ collection available here.
Check out my blog post below for links to the supplies used.

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You can find all of the supplies and measurements used in my blog post below.
Blog post for this tutorial.

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Helen Evans says:

With the sign looks great

Julie Dawson says:

What a beautiful shed! Santa’s workshop would be ace. I like it with the lavender sign x

Amanda Liddell says:

Wow another beautiful project. It is so nice to be able to make a project to last. Yes please to Santas work shop I would love to make one of them . X x

elaine crutchley says:

Really love this. Thanks Sam you put a sparkle back into my crafting. Your tutorials are always inspiring and I enjoy them immensely. This is something a little different and fun. I’m sure mine will incorporate a few fairies 😀 thank you so much

Sandra Miranda says:

I love it, i think i could make this !
I dont have those dies but i have some dimensional stickers that are like this. I will try this project in Aug. When i move back home.
Love it with the no2 lavender sign better. Thx Sam fir another great project.

Vander Louise Browning says:

Love it So so cute I am actually having a craft shed built as we speak will have a radiator in as well and a uni fridge and kettle x

nanaNgranda Elliott says:

i love it sam and with the no2 lavender this has got to get my mojo bck trying this x

Cristy Howard says:

Omg this is absolutely positively the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen! I'm totally in love lol. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful amazing perfectly crafted piece of art!

Irene Paton says:

Absolutely gorgeous.

Paula Atkinson says:

Stunning! ❤❤

Debra K. says:

Fantastic shed!!! I really like it with the lavender sign. Can't wait to see the Santa's workshop. Your creations just get better all the time. xx

Diana Pezza says:


Robin Renninger says:

Wow! You went way out on this one! Super adorable! I like the sign on it. Great job! I’m in awe right now. Thank you for sharing! I might try this, not sure yet. I would love a Santa’s workshop! I have more supplies for one like that.

kiavonne says:

I really like it! I think it would be a lovely gift box and/or faux candle-lit decoration as well as a storage box. I like it with the No. 2 Lavender plaque. And, I'm very much looking forward to Santa's Workshop!

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