DIY Shed Build – Part One

DIY Shed Build – Part One

Build a shed.

Okay, folks, I’m almost ready to get this shed built, so here’s a quick video to give you a bit of a heads up on what I’ll be doing. I’m hoping to have it done by mid-January 2014, which should be achievable, just so long as the weather holds out for me.

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Music: Born Barnstormers by Brian Boyko. The full track is available at This music is in the public domain and is free to use.



Dwight Lindsey says:

A complete and comprehensive package [ Check Details Here⇒> ], I am so thrilled with what I've got in the package. I could use this for a very long time to come. This is the most complete manual I've ever seen Thank you Ryan.

Taylormade says:

looking good just wondering why you went with steel frame rather then wooden? 

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