DIY Shed – Part 1: Foundation

DIY Shed – Part 1: Foundation

The foundation I’ll be using for the shed I’m building. I decided to start chronicling the build after I did the foundation work, so I don’t have any footage on squaring up the holes for the concrete piers, or the pouring of the concrete.



Lonestar Cooking Show says:

Add a little sarcasm in the voice and you have deadpool teaches you how to build a shed

Jay Swenson says:

What exactly did you use for the anchor rods going doing through the cement piers? Looks like a good anchoring method for the 4x4s

West Park says:

I can not use paper tubes for my project. My footings are 2×2 sq ft, 10" thick and with 6 rebars, 5/8". I used low grade plywood to make casting forms. Cut plywood 10" x 28", then connected them with 2×2 sticks, 10" long, outside. A bit like swastika. Now, the question is how to align them properly. No one has shown alignment of square footings.

amirhossein eshtiaghi says:

How far are the columns from each othet?

Jade Godinez says:

How do you ensure everything is even?

c9sus4 says:

the hole digging, lining up are the hardest parts

Arnz- Creicher says:

Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Jeff Goldblum a little bit?

Jonathan Morning says:

Looks easy enough!! Im gonna try it!

george raven says:

You can make cyclopean concrete when is a foundation.

siannopollo says:

From what I read and from what some building professionals told me, the concrete can take up to 30 days to get to fully set. It's mostly set by 7 days, which is when I started working with them. So you'll want to ensure your concrete is moist during that timeframe. I kept the concrete (with plastic bags on) and the ground around them moist for 7 days, but longer is better. So if you have the time, take it.

Jeffery Pix says:

you said to "water your piers", how much and how often, I understand conditions will vary, but some point of reference would be nice, thanks, I watch this entire series of yours and nice shed and videos, I have learned from your experience

siannopollo says:

I used wooden stakes and a string with string levels to ensure that the tops of the pylons were all at the same level.

Jason Byrne says:

What technique did you use to level the caissons? Just a straight edge and a level?

Keen Smile says:

Can you do a video that shows how you do your mesurements on the sloped ground to make sure the tubes are all even? Thanks

Emotional Contagion says:

Great job nonetheless. Enjoy it, you've put the work in & it looks the business thusfar 🙂

Emotional Contagion says:

I see you uploaded this 9 months ago & you uploaded part 5 only last week.
May I ask what was the delay in completing your build & how long dya think it would take from start to finish if you had 8 hour work days?

rolando reyes says:

did you ever finish the roof video i couldn't find one?

rolando reyes says:

I'm getting ready to build a shed myself, Great set of videos!!! I wanted to find out what size tubes did you use for the foundation?

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