DIY Shed Project – How to Build a Shed

DIY Shed Project – How to Build a Shed founder Tim Carter takes you on a small tour of the site where he’ll be building a shed. To get access to the LIVE webcam from July 5, 2012 until late August, 2012 click the link in this description. Once at the AsktheBuilder Store, click the category DIY Shed. Each of the Step-by-Step videos of the shed-building process will also be for sale there.

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Ask the Builder says:

Yes, I have a photo of the entire shirt. The updates for the shed will never be on YouTube. There will be teaser videos, but if you want to see how to build this shed, you'll unfortunately have to pay.

toyspeed71 says:

I only saw the top of the t shirt. Lol No full view. I'd rather wait for youtube updates than pay. Sorry tough times….

Ask the Builder says:

Oh, you have to pay to have access to that. I'll be creating the link to it today. Each step of the shed-building process is going to be one or more short videos. From planning the shed to the last stroke of the paint brush. Each phase of the process, for example: planning, site clearing, foundation layout, excavation, pouring piers, framing, cutting rafters, etc. will become an ebook. Look at link in video description. There will be a DIY Shed category.

Igor Akhmatov says:

this is absolutely awesome, Thank You for doing this Sir… But where is the link to the web cam????

RyansHutch says:

Thanks for the videos! It's nice to see first hand how to do this stuff! 😀

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