DIY uk shed build 6.4m x 3.8m

DIY uk shed build 6.4m x 3.8m

uk shed build £1918 of materials and 9 days of my life!
base and blocks £110 wickes
wood cls + joists £415 wickes
cladding £360 ebay
fibre glass kit and osb3 18mm roof £260 ebay
door £10 window £25 gumtree
membrane £76 ebay
insulation £75 wickes
plasterboard £78 wickes
t&g floor £145 wickes
batten £97 ebay
screws £ 70 screwfix
electrics plugs wire and lights £93 wickes
creosote substitute £32 ebay
dry wall filler and finish £72 wickes



retrorestore says:

Nice build bud.

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