How-To Build A Budget Board and Batten Style Backyard Garden Shed Using OSB and Construction Lumber

How-To Build A Budget Board and Batten Style Backyard Garden Shed Using OSB and Construction Lumber

In this how-to video I build a 4 foot by 10 foot backyard shed for just under $400.



DIY Jane says:

Awesome video! If anyone is interested, here is a pretty cool DIY shed plan website. They offer over 12,000 shed plans and other woodworking projects.

Grenalyn Klimp says:

Excellent Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (google it)? It is a great one off product for building better sheds and woodworking without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

guttercops says:

The Star Wars part was awesome !!! great reference

collider2004 says:

nice design, nice shed, nice work but be careful!

Jim Moseley says:

Need to use pressure treated wood at floor, termites will have this in no time

Aaron Ruggles says:

looks great.

Aaron Ruggles says:

love the star wars homage!

Trevor Dawson says:

good vıd,I would have used 6 foundatıon blocks for stabilty.You can see at the begınnıng ıt needed them.

Juke Box says:

usually I get bored when see a video up to 10 minutes and more.. but the way you explained how you build the shed is great and clear and that's makes me watching till end.. good job

steve smith says:

I really enjoyed your video. Great explanation regarding the process to build the shed.

Simeon Stefanov says:

I have spent months researching into building sheds and found a fantastic resource at Adota Blueprint Pack (check it out on google)

tscat68 says:

getting ready to build something​ similar….what keeps this attached to the ground? wondering if i need to pour concrete piers…?

Nik G says:

There are several tips for constructing sheds
Start With a Sound Foundation a shed wont last long if it's set on a weak base
Allow for Air Circulation to prevent damp
Build a Weather-Resistant Floor Frame
Use Low Maintenance Materials so you won't have to keep re-painting it
(I discovered these and why they work on Adota Blueprint Pack website )

Agora Vai says:

Good video and nice insert star wars!!!

alegria says:

Very nice! Good job.

Laura Spencer says:

needs roofing material or this will rot pretty quick

Tyreke Dubs says:

Wow, this is terrific. If you haven’t, google Hyezmar’s book, it’s a very rough draft of a decent woodworking book that was to be published. Have a great day!

RACER X says:

Lend it to you.

wwall2 says:

That was great to see! Thanks!

Nick's How To & Review says:

Nice one looks really good.

shahdrah says:

Cool. Love it. That's my next summer project.🖒👍

Arnetta Ambriz says:

Great to see that… I made it also few days ago. I was using woodprix handbooks for that 🙂

TheAughoti says:

Centre needs support, love the build mate, using it as inspiration for my shed build. Great that you are using safety equipment for your ears. Might I ask why you are wearing crocs though 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ched Ballz says:

What did you use for roofing?

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