How to Build A Shed By Yourself (12 x 16)

How to Build A Shed By Yourself (12 x 16)

How to build a 12 x 16 shed by yourself. I built a backyard shed this summer and filmed most of the process as a fun way to document the project with my son. Hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two (even if from my mistakes). There are several time-lapses throughout to speed things up a during the shed build. Here is the general breakdown of the various build steps in case anyone wants to skip ahead:

Shed total cost was ~$2,600

Intro and Plan – 0 – 5:06
Foundation – 5:06 – 9:43
Floor (Skids, Joists, Tongue & Groove) – 9:43 – 25:53
Windowless Wall Framing – 25:53 – 35:16
Windows & Door Wall Framing – 35:16 – 46:43
Wall Sheeting – 46:43 – 51:49
Rafters & Roof Trusses & Roof Sheeting – 51:49 – 1:02:45
Paint & Trim – 1:02:45 – 1:08:36
Roof Tar Paper & Rain Drip – 1:08:36 – 1:12:19
Shingles & Ridge Cap – 1:12:19 – 1:21:52
Building Double Doors & Window Flashing – 1:21:52 – 1:35:09
Shelves and Finishing Up – 1:35:09 – 1:37:18



Build A Shed says:

Ask away any questions you have! As several have asked. Total cost was around ~$2,700.

Tracy S says:

Have to give you props for being so detailed and articulating the process so well. Good job.

No WayOut says:

I want to add that these types of wood for floors are prone to absorbing moisture underneath faster than plywood. If you apply some protection like paint or oil coating to prevent moisture from absorbing into the wood so it will not rot down the road. Also the gap below the shed is the perfect hiding place for rats, mice, skunks etc. to live.

K. says:

Converting to European: the area is 3.6576 x 4.8768 in metres.

Ed Broski says:

Someone mows alot

PurpleChicken.TV says:

1:31:00 Maybe you should have put the hinges on the inside of the frame to stop any unscrewing?

jeff green says:

Tip! Tongue always goes into the groove when laying sheets so don't damage tongue!

Tracey Paul says:

Volume low hard to hear

Bob Jones says:

I finally realized how you built this shed. You borrowed all your tools. If you build projects like this BUY TOOLS! Hey can I borrow your nice lawn tractor for a week so I don't have to buy one??

Rob says:

Z channel is in backwards

ButchWhacksGP says:

How long did it take you start to finish (1:37 doesnt count-LOL) Thanks!!!

Bruce Fox says:

Well done, great job.

S4dsack says:

Really solid shed. Love it.

Shawn Badger says:

Hey, thanks for making this video! I recognize those mountains, you must not live too far from me. I am planning on building a shed this summer and you've given me some great ideas. I was rather intimidated trying to figure out how I was going to do my doors until I saw yours. Just curious, about how long did it take you to complete? Was this an every weekend throughout the summer ordeal, or did you work on it in the evenings during the week too? I was going to build a smaller shed – 8' x 12' or something, but the more I research it, the more I want to build a 12' x 16' like yours. Maybe even turn it into a little workshop of sorts. I'm just debating on whether or not to do a barn style roof so the loft can be a kid playhouse area…

JAMES! Since the 70's says:

The restore, sells windows cheap, I think $5, for most used windows, doors start at about $15-20, not bad, and helps habitat for humans!

JAMES! Since the 70's says:

The siding you used, does not last long here in a few areas, what other matereal would you use, it fits here in a few years, vinyl siding would be a bit spendy for a shed, I considered 1/4" ply, trimed to look like board and battin!

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