How to build a shed easy to understand!

How to build a shed easy to understand!

How to build a shed, easy to understand step by step instructions. Paul likes to keep things simple so he shows the actual job and also makes a small mock up for easy understangding.
Metabo has a rebate for so you can get a free A/C adaptor, grinder or 4A/H Battery with the purchase of certain 36 v tools, here is the link.
You can find Metabo HPT at Lowes, I would suggest shopping around for the best price.
RockWell JAW HORSE stand



Adrian Detweiler says:

Thanks for another great video Paul. Keep them coming.

antonio dominguez says:

I do like that drill,!

Steve Picchi says:

The Navy has “B.U.D’s” basic underwater demolition. And Paul has “B.U.C’s basic underwater construction. That’s an awesome driver there Paul, thx for the demo!!!

Arturo Fuentes says:

Awsome Drill Paul!! I hope I get a chance to win that tough drill! Keep up the great videos!!👊💪👏💯👍🏼

Jose Sosa says:

great job you allways have something to show us thx

Rockie Sawchuk says:

I purchased the Hitachi 18v drill package combo about 15 years ago. It came with a drill, Sawzall, light and a carrying bag coma it's still going strong. This new version would go perfect with my older drill combo package. Keep the good work Paul.

Ruben Varela says:

Or you can put a nail in 15 1/4 and just go 16 every red mark

James Williamson says:

That is a very nice drill if I don't win I will buy one

David Koopmans says:

Great tips for a shed. A little too cold for building one this year. I'd heard about those drills but never knew it was waterproof.

59sunni Cali says:

Nice build 👏

Angel Almanza says:

That would be a great first drill great tip on the bow being the same

A. De Jesus says:

Hey if I don't win I will still buy this drill. That is an awesome tool. Thanks

Brandon Bogart says:

Pink studs a thing in Georgia?


Every time I watch your video’s, I learn something new. Thanks for the frame building technique, Paul!

Orville Smith says:

Love the videos, looks like an awesome drill!

Frank Rodriguez says:

Dang that impact is probably bullet proof as well. Sweet.

frdb2010 says:

I like your idea of add to that corner because first starting out that was my job to build those corners on every house or church we built I Hated That

Joe Shmoe says:

The triple hammer I hear is the bomb. And I didn't even know about the water and solid protection. That is awesome.

John Williamson says:

Drill underwater……wow

C Trainman says:

Thank you for your help, I will be building a shed next spring and will be relying on your expertise.

Brandon Murphy says:

Paul I’m digging that drill. I like how you Explain the wall so some viewers can understand the right way to build a wall.

Marnie Reynolds says:

That is the best drill I’ve ever seen. I thought a drill was just a drill! Love it! ❤️

JusBidniss says:

Hey Paul, that's a great explanation! I do have one question: On the 16" centers, if 16" on the tape is the center of the 2nd stud, then wouldn't that make 0" the center of the first stud? But in fact, by hooking the tape over the end of the plate, putting 0" on the end, the first stud would end up 3/4" inset from the '16" on center' rule? Is there a reason for doing it that way, like using 48" sheet materials, flushing the edge to the edge of the stud, and having the sheet hit the center of the 4th stud?

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