How To Build A Shed – Part 1 Building The Floor

How To Build A Shed – Part 1 Building The Floor

Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This episode shows you how to construct the base. See our other videos on wood framing for specific technique instruction.



Ken Steckelberg says:

Nice job hoser. 😂😂

Jesus Christ is Son of God says:

Shannon, have you written any books on house improvements ? i would love to buy! – Steve

Jesus Christ is Son of God says:

I love your videos veryyyyy specific details, I'm new with home improvements my own corporation your videos help me tremendously, God bless! oh by the way you are very smart to have all these wireless tools, got my milwaukee 7 1/4 circular saw from ebay ( battery operated ) on the way!

Paul Tomlin says:

I'm just curious. Your framed floor looked like it was 8×6, yet when you pick placed your plywood sheets on the frame you had a 1" overhang of the floor on the 8 foot side. Why did that happen?

Tamara Downey says:

Before putting the floor boards on, if I wanted an airtight (well insulated) shed, would I put down some of that sound barrier adhesive (black stuff in a tube), and then put the floor boards on?

Past Broadcast says:

7:26 Sounds like you said, "…move this shit around…" LOL

tony justice says:

Sir I have a question about floor is there a reason you put the plywood same direction of joist instead of putting plywood opposite I figured it would be stronger the other way but im not a carpender

Edward Cary III says:

if I used the same wood that you used, will it take rot over time if I put it on a concrete foundation?

Philip D says:

Hi shannon, what diameter hex head bolts are being used to attach to the 4 x 4 skids. Thanks and very nice build

Edward Cary III says:

if I wanted to build a 10'wX12'L, how many skids would I need?

Edward Cary III says:

when you mean 16" oc, do you line the board on center of the line or the edge of the line?

Edward Cary III says:

I watched this video and loved it. Do you have a step by step plan for a 12×10 shed with a peak roof?

PrankedYou! says:

How much is that nail gun?

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