I guess spray foaming the shed is up to us :/

I guess spray foaming the shed is up to us :/

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Narice Woolon says:

Spray foaming, but you have open eves!!!

Tech Bat says:

It's not foaming up because the solutions are not mixing correctly!

Rick Kern says:

Wow that is expensive.


its about sealing off air movement not depth

Thomas Murray says:

Start watching at about 5 mins.

madrock123 says:

I say the price was not right been there done that

Shaun Jackson says:

Nice mask😂

C M says:

How about those eaves? Got a big air leak there.

Dave Steffens says:

Thanks for the video. Very convincing – Fiberglass bats are the way to go.

Jack Hammond says:

I paid pros 700 for a 650 sq ft building plus the ceiling. DIY is rewarding but not cost effective with foam

Robert Begley says:

I know why the spray foam guy never got back with him. Did you see the light gap on top of the wall. Insulation will do him no good. It will still get cold as hell because of the gap.

ron dill says:

I insulated with hard panel foam sheets one time and will never use it again for living space…. Froze in the winter time with just electric heaters…and summer time was like being in a hot box. Worthless stuff for living space!!

ron dill says:

Cheaper and quicker and not as messy to do fiberglass!! WTF!! Better R Factor Insulating with Fiberglass anyways, Ya need that air space that ya get with fiberglass!! But then again.. Its just a work shop and you aint gonna be living in it!!

Orion3 says:

That's not insulation. That is sealant to seal from air leaks in or out. That's why you couldn't find the R value of it. Probably would've been faster and more insulation to just use your standard R-13 insulation rolls.

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