Large, solid, cheap, backyard storage shed

Large, solid, cheap, backyard storage shed

building ideas for easy custom storage shed



Don Gray says:

What a waste, that structure will be termite infested in Florida within 2 years,and rotted to the ground within 9. Those beams are far more expensive then I conventional framed wall,and I don't care what anybody says, you would have came out better had you pulled the permits dealt with the inspections,and built yourself a conventional shed. the truth is my friend you wasted a ton of money for a building an insurance nightmare, which is really not even safe as far as I'm concerned, but you definitely get a plus for effort ,and I don't mean to crash your parade, so good job but I say that because of your work ethic only,and please next time just mail me all that money and I'll go buy you a aluminum shed while making myself a nice payday in the process LOL.


Cheap , just can't wait for another tropical storm

Farm_In_The MiddleOfTheWoods says:

We loved the humor!!!! Nice job – looks clean and neat!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Bob Moynes says:

your shed maybe large but it's certainly NOT cost effective.

rick cranni says:

I stopped watching when an enginerd said it would be cheap. If you make 200k a year, I guess this would be a "cheap" shed.

Michael Shea says:

buy different lengths of timbers and stagger those joints! Engineer?

Rollin McKim says:


Think of what this dude could do without all the ornery ordinances??? I know they SOMETIMES serve a purpose, but they sure can be an IMMENSE pain in the ass as well as a barrier to progress.

Your wife? was hilarious and reminds me of mine.

Israel Harris says:

It took me a while to figure out what you where doing and why, but once you started talking about permits I began to completely understand this project was handicapped by permits and nosy assholes in government. As such… I am vary interested in knowing what stipulations where put against you when you finally came up with the shed design.

I also am curious to what would you have done differently if the only consideration was money?

Rick Shaw says:

"Cheap"??? I don't think so. How many thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars did this "shed" cost?

Danimal GB says:

misleading title… it's not a shed, it's a bunker…

isa ibrahim says:

:-} love the vid

Doe Eyes says:

Cute video!!! Very nice!!

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