My 12X16 Shed Build

My 12X16 Shed Build

Building a 12X16 gambrel shed



patrick brazil says:

For all the people saying turn down the music i mean did none of you realize your devices have turn down buttons as well as turn up buttons lol great job to the creator of both the video and shed

Rumdoul L. Villegas says:

Great video and tutorial, Bill. And despite what some are saying… I love the music. They have control over turning it down on their end, so you know that those people are just arrogant. Thank you for taking the time to do this video (cause I know that even takes some time to make) and inspiring me to motivate my husband to build one for our property. We are in need of it with all of the junk that we have to keep around – camping and boating supplies and equipment, Josh's tools and things – it's a bit overwhelming seeing this every day in our garage space. Anyhow, I really hope that we will be able to make one as nice as yours.

Maly Vang says:


William DeCamp says:

All screws? screws actually have less shear strength than the proper size nail

Mike Hutchinson says:

could one of these fucking videos NOT have shitty music included?

Poro$Villin says:

how much did all the materials cost

TheShangralaaaa17 says:

few yrs to finish??? Just buy a damn shed lol

Gary Crumrine says:

Heh heh, I started out to build a 12 x16 myself. Ended up 12×24. Inspector got all hot and bothered. I told him my teenage son was doing all the measuring and I just went with it… He gave me a really nasty look, signed off on the permit and got in his car.

joe mama says:

looks very nice . great job

Jesus Esparza says:

did you need permits for thjiz build?

Luigi Davis says:

I just built a 10×12 shed for storing my woods using Ryan's shed plans [Check Details Here⇒> ]. I love the easy step by step instructions, they are so clearly penned down that even a newbie can use them to design like a pro. It's amazing!

Gaynell Rima says:

As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Ryan's plans led me through with much clarity and simplicity [Check Details Here⇒> ]. I now work like a pro. That's good!

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