My DIY Barn Lean-to Built with small office space

My DIY Barn Lean-to Built with small office space

My DIY barn lean-to I built myself with a small office space at one end. Turned out well I think, nothing one can’t do if they put there head into it and your back also..



Chriismaar says:

Beautiful…how much cost you this addition?

Johnny Umphress says:

Beautiful addition.

col stace says:

How did you trim out the posts to look like that ?

Forgive Repent says:

I was hoping to see how you did your foundation.How deep is the hole you put the concrete block on?How for in the ground did you go? Did you use rebar?How far out did you space your blocks.And how did you know where to put your blocks

vera de groot says:

How did you attach the roofing under the gutter of the garage. Looks like there wasn't space to nail or screw anything down. Im having the same problem with the gutter.

southernfryedyankee says:

Thats absolutely awesome

BSKeeble says:

What size is the building? how tall is the interior ceiling? Love the doors. Good looking lean-to.

One Angry Fucer says:

Did yoou need building consent?

George Nettles Jr says:

you did a wonderful job

Vaspar ___ says:

Nice build, Inspector's around here would never allow the 2×4 pillars and you would have to have a full footer around office.

Melissa Moore says:

Did you use a 2×6 on the building where you attached the other end of the rafter? Did you just use screws to do that?

Jean Polkoski says:

I paid a LOT of money to have that done on my barn years ago by a shed builder, then sold the place (I still miss that barn).  Good job on this diy build, it looks great and gives you so much extra space.

Jeff Bye says:

Your workmanship and aesthetic design skills are apparent. I'm quite curious though as to snow load in yout area. In my experience metal roofs stuff snow in large sheets. What happens when / if this occurs from your existing roof onto the 2×4 rafters? Thanks

helloman1976 says:

Wow, really good work! It looks amazing, how many had you done before this one?

Jeremy moose says:

did you paint the 2×4 and 2×6's too in that shed what ever you call

BuckGreywolfe says:

Di you use hurricane clips to tie your rafters to the beam?

Mingo Rivero says:

beautiful place you got there nice work

MR. FIX-ALL INC. says:

Dame that's good work, I can tell.

Ron Guy says:

That came out great. Awesome job.

wapartist says:

I like your staggered multiple 2×4 concept rather than nothing out a single larger piece

Documentary Magic says:

Very nice! What did you attach your roof frame to the barn with? I didn't see a Ledger Board up there.

Jim says:

What is the distance between your posts? 6'?

Tammy Walker says:

good vid thanks

csl84030 says:

Talberts Building supply…..Must be from Northern North Carolina or southside VA

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