Simple DIY Storage Shed – Turning my Shed into a Shop – Part 1

Simple DIY Storage Shed – Turning my Shed into a Shop – Part 1

I thought it was time to start working on my shed, turning it into something nice!

But first I needed to get all the stuff in there out, so I started on this beauty!

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like some more information.




Chad LaFarge says:

I don't want to sound like a Safety Sally, but you might consider allowing for a Flammable/Chemical Locker. Some of the cans in your storage shed look like they might ought to be kept separate and protected from spilling, mixing, and possibly sparking into raging fire.

CC123Aus says:

Nice shed mate. Am currently mid way through building my own in Gawler. Am making it out of recycled timber. For those interested, in this part of South Australia the largest shed you can build without council approval is max height of 2.4 meters and width/height no larger than 15 square meters. Check with your council if you're unsure, ours is super friendly. And thats basically all which is great news as the council had no issue with me making it a Japanese styled tea house that will open up into a outdoor kitchen complete with BBQ, fridge and sink all plumbed and wired in. Ill also have a small garden shed section in the back for gardening crap. Cheers and keep the clips coming Colum, Im also looking at cladding my main workshed so Im keen to see how you do yours.

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