The Party Shed

The Party Shed

We had an idea and did it. Most everything was learned by watching YouTube videos so is probably completely the wrong way to do things. We had fun..mostly. Roofing sucks. Really. It sucks.

Accepting guests at the bar. Let’s have a good life. 🙂



Sixth SITH says:

I think the best part was watching the family get involved. Go family project!

Steve Stecko says:

I love it. Your pub shed is amazing. I especially like how you built the side deck to go around a tree.

Brandon Oneal says:

This is great value for money [Check Details Here⇒> ]! Such a large plan and designs in so little amount. I know something like this would go higher on the parallel market. Ryan you have done so much in offering this up for sale. Thank you so much.

Red Beard says:

Nice bar, just built one myself

Kloter Farms says:

Great shed!!

Roman says:

This is the best one I've seen yet. I really like that you brought your family into the picture too. A project where everyone can do something and it's their's as much as it is yours. Except for the alcohol. No alcohol for the kids lol.

Dan B says:

I like how everyone helps….and the dog digs the project too !!!

Eddie Crowell says:

So much content in the package [Check Details Here⇒> ], Wow! It's like having so much treasure in your hands that will serve you for many days to come. Ryan, you are very generous to release such an enormous information for sale, and at a very low cost.

Eddie Last says:

That's one dynamite party shed! Family project a real +…………………. Happy partying!

Martin Lawler says:

Love what you did. May I ask how big your cut out window bar area is? I've been trying to think of a way to close the opening. I see you used windows. What type of windows are they? I am so not handy. Haha

Michael Essex says:

Looks nice!

John Power says:

nice job…. my next project thx to you guys.

jadesystem says:

Excellent job, the best Ive seen on YouTube. Very creative with ingenuity and wisdom. The video sequence is excellent too. Very well choreographed and documented. I liked the finishing touches in your landscaping. And those French double doors look incredible. Keep up the good work.

Gary McCoy says:

looks awesome!!!!!

SukaFreeCity says:

Great Job!!!…

Earth says:

This is beyond amazing dude

Felix Daily says:

how about an update

Brand Lofton says:

by far the best I've see on here yet.

skiyogagirl says:

fantastic job! Love that your kiddos helped!!!

neil brady says:

This is fantastic!!!! well done

Pub Sheds says:

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Synjyn says:

Dizzamn! raise the ROOF! good job ! ! !

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