Waste Oil burner = FREE HEAT = Fantastic warm shed for Diy

Waste Oil burner = FREE HEAT = Fantastic warm shed for Diy

Waste oil burner makes free heat for my shed. After easily lighting this waste oil heater I can expect to heat my 600 sq feet uninsulated shed on just 2 to 3 litres of oil per hour.

I needed the shed warm so I could bolt my pillar drill to the floor. Easily done with my homemade stove and homemade burner unit.

The stove is made from a propane bottle and the top is made from an oil drum. You can see the build on my playlist.

There are more videos in my playlists
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🔴 Without a motor just Paragliding https://youtu.be/-0U5sXCLkU8

Cheers Gerry



k c says:

Could you please show how the drip tube connects with the burner.

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