Before and After: A Small Sunroom Gets a Makeover

Before and After: A Small Sunroom Gets a Makeover

Watch as editors Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss team up with HomeGoods to turn a small, empty sunroom into a cozy retreat. #makehomeyours See the full before/after at

*The video is sponsored by HomeGoods but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.



Miss Murry Design says:

Merci, Alaina and Danielle! in Sausalito, California

Haseya Sissy says:

Es hermoso, ella dijo que el reloj era de un viaje a Argentina?, yo soy Argentina!. Quedo muy lindo. Lo increible es lo barato que se consiguen cosas lindas en USA, aca cada cosa valdria el triple o mas. Con esos precios es mucho mas facil armar un hermoso living/espacio.

Jacquelyn Williams says:

Too many plants CLUTTERED!!!!!

Design Thrift says:

nice but i think it needed two chairs incase she wants to have company and instead of so many small plants just a few bigger ones would have looked less cluttered and felt more relaxing. it had a cluttered vibe rather than a relaxing one and that was because in a space so tiny you have to be more intentional with the smaller items. less tiny things, and use a few bigger pieces. also the rug was too small for the space. you should have used a 4 x 6 or a 5 x 8

rachelle lewis says:

Nice, but sad there's only a seat for one.

Shilpa Anantha says:

I loved the goblets🤗

Blake wood says:

Love intensely!!!!

Milly Santiago says:


Right_Back_ Atcha says:

Too many small things going on.

J'adore le Décor says:

I've been following The Everygirl blog for a while now and am so proud of what you ladies are doing. Great simple makeover here as well.

Cecilie M says:

Small room, with big time charm! So beautiful!! 👍❤👍

djlivvy46 says:

Absolutely gorgeous, so fresh. And I love the herbs.

Emeline Emeline says:

Offer products online, HomeGoods! Not everyone can afford to take the time to trek to the few locations you have – make it easy for us to spend money! Your locations are always in the most random part of the city >.<

miri miru says:

there is no HOME GOODS in Italy!!!

Karen Williams says:

Sweet and cozy🍃🌼🍃

Cameron Heinz says:

too much stuff.

jackie cosyn says:

Trop beau merci jackie

Glenda Ruff says:

Yeah need some fold up chairs too.

Marija Magdalena says:

This is not a makeover it is furnishing an empty room 😒

Ma M says:

Wow I love this 💖💘

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