Deck Project Diary: How to build a strong deck.

Deck Project Diary: How to build a strong deck.

BEST VIEWED IN HD. A photo diary of a two-level deck project, by: Visit: for more information. Property: the Hiker’s Haven, situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, backing to the Shenandoah National Park.



Patrick R says:

Excellent work….Thank you

roy kwon says:

was there flashing on the ledger boards or just sealant?

U. Mann says:

Outstanding work, Beautiful Deck(s). Amazing Location. I like your Quality Control Engineer(Go Atlas). Thanks for sharing!

ramirythm says:

Great Job!! Such an informative and fun video!! : )

lamonyta09 says:

Wow !! you are an Artist Bruce , this is just Awesome :)))

Dusty Campbell says:

Very nice craftsmanship! Don't see quality work like this much anymore. It's obvious you take pride in your work…..

Liz Treston says:

Great job!!!!!!

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